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Two Line Gujarati Romantic Shayari And Super Whatsapp Status

Love Anniversary Shayari For Husband

आल कमैंट्स मेरी हर ख़ुशी हर बात तेरी हैं,

– जिंदगी की सारी मुश्किलों से लड़ने के लिए

– तू मेरा हमसफ़र मेरा दिलदार है,

– क्या मैं तेरी तारीफ करूं अल्फाज नहीं मिलते

– हम जब भी तुम्हें देखते है,

– तुमसे जीना है

– तेरी धड़कन जिन्दगी का हिस्सा है मेरा

– मुझे उस वक़्त तुम पर बेहद प्यार आता है, More items

Romantic Anniversary Shayari for Husband in Hindi

Having you in my life has made everything complete, every sorrow vanished. My life has become beautiful with you by my side, becoming a part of your life with every moment we share. Happy anniversary to our wedding milestone.

उदास ना होना हम आपके साथ हैं, नज़र से दूर पर दिल के पास हैं, पलकों को बंद करके दिल से याद करना, हम हमेशा आपके लिए एक एहसास हैं।” हमारी शादी की सालगिराह मुबारक हो।

May our relationship continue to blossom for countless lifetimes, filling our lives with new shades of happiness every day. May God bless and protect our bond forever. Wishing you a very happy anniversary of our marriage.

You are my companion, my beloved; there is no love for anyone else except you. You have been mine since birth, and I only need this from God. Wishing you a very happy anniversary of our marriage.

Every happiness and every word of mine belongs to you, these hidden breaths in my lungs are yours. I cannot even spend a moment without you, every beat of my heart is the sound of your presence. Wishing you a very happy anniversary of our marriage.

You are my beloved husband, the pride of my love. Without you, I am incomplete because you are my entire world. Wishing you a very happy anniversary of our marriage.

Anniversary Wishes In Hindi For Husband

You have taught me to love, made my life a paradise by walking hand in hand with me, and fulfilled our true relationship. Happy anniversary of our wedding.

Congratulations on our wedding anniversary. We have found everything by having you in our lives, and all our sorrows have vanished with your presence. You have adorned our life, becoming a part of every moment. Happy anniversary!

How do I express this relationship, how do I confess my love, how can I describe what you mean to me, this life is now dedicated to you. Happy anniversary of our marriage.

You have brought immense joy into my life, fulfilled all my desires, and protected our relationship with great love. Happy anniversary to our marriage milestone that has gone unnoticed by others.

You taught me the true meaning of living, you made our silent lips smile. We used to walk alone on the path of a happy life, which you adorned with flowers of love. Happy Wedding Anniversary my Husband.

Every desire of ours has been fulfilled, as we have found the love we longed for. Now there is no need for any prayers or wishes, as our life has become complete ever since we met. Happy Wedding Anniversary to my beloved husband.

You are the dream and desire of mine, but somewhere you remain unknown. Never be upset with me because without you, my life is empty. Happy Wedding Anniversary to my dear husband.

Your mesmerizing beauty cannot be forgotten, it lingers in my eyes. Every day, your thoughts come rushing back to me. Now I realize that I need you more than ever before in this journey called life. Happy Wedding Anniversary, my beloved husband.

मेरी ज़िन्दगी के हर पल में, मैंने आपको अपनाया, मेरे मोहब्बत के हर पल में, मैंने आपको ही पाया, खुशिया हो या दुःख साथ, आपने हर पल साथ निभाया जन्नत हुई ज़िन्दगी जब से पतिदेव आपको बनाया Happy Wedding Anniversary My Sweet Husband

You are my today and my tomorrow, the lines on my hands are a reflection of you. Every moment, I only think about you, you are so close to my heart. Wishing a joyful wedding anniversary to my beloved husband.

Without you, what would remain in life? The chain of loneliness would persist till the end. You have always walked by my side at every step, otherwise this companion of yours would be left alone. Happy anniversary to our marriage.

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What should I say to my husband on our first anniversary?

1) May this bond of trust continue to strengthen, and may the ocean of love flow endlessly in your life.

2) Like the stars and the moon.

3) May your relationship endure for countless lifetimes.

4) Let it be morning till evening.

5) From a small pot to an entire sea.

6) May every moment and every day be filled with happiness.

7) May the bond of love remain unbreakable.

8) May you be together every day, every moment.

1st Anniversary Shayari For Husband in Hindi

May I become your desire by embracing your chest, and may I become your fragrance by mingling with your breath. Let there be no distance between us, just you and me. Happy anniversary of our marriage!

We will stand by your side in such a way that we will support you at every step of your old age. Happy anniversary to our marriage.

Your loyalty will always be indebted to me, and my life will be dedicated to your smile. You have showered so much love upon me that even after death, my life will remain indebted to you. Happy anniversary of our marriage.

Since you came into my life, love has become the essence of our relationship. Wishing you a happy wedding anniversary.

What is another way to say “Happy Anniversary”?

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! Happy anniversary of your marriage! Best wishes for your wedding anniversary.


1. Congratulations on celebrating another year of togetherness!

2. Wishing you a joyful and blessed wedding milestone!

3. May this special day bring you happiness and love as you commemorate your wedding anniversary.

4. Sending heartfelt congratulations on reaching another beautiful year in your marital journey.

5. Warmest wishes to both of you on the occasion of your wedding anniversary.

Hindi Shayari for Husband on Anniversary

Remembering you has become my habit, taking care of you has become my nature, meeting you has become my desire, loving you has become my destiny. Happy anniversary to our marriage.

If you say so, I would become a flower, becoming a principle of your life. It is said that you emit fragrance by walking on sand. If you wish, I could become the dust of this earth from now on. Happy anniversary to our marriage!

A flood of pain has surged in my heart. Relationships have once again put me to the test. I am grateful to that divine power, for being with me in every sorrow. Oh my companion, you have supported me at every step… Happy anniversary of our marriage.

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What to write in marriage anniversary status?

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

May the bond of love continue to strengthen,

May the trust of companionship remain forever.

On every path and journey you take,

May you stay together throughout your lives!

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

P.S. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love as you celebrate this special day. May your relationship grow stronger with each passing year.

How to write on the wedding anniversary?

May your bond remain strong, and may love flow abundantly in your life. May you celebrate each day with joy and receive heartfelt wishes on your wedding anniversary. Just like flowers look the most beautiful in a garden, both of you complement each other perfectly. Wishing you countless blessings on your wedding anniversary. Marriage is a knot of trust that keeps growing stronger with time.

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What is a small gift for a 1-year anniversary?

One year anniversary quotes can be a beautiful way to express your love and appreciation for your husband. Here are a few heartfelt quotes that capture the essence of one year together:

1. “In just one year, you have become my forever. Our love has grown stronger with each passing day, and I am grateful to have you by my side.”

Remember that these quotes are meant to inspire you; feel free to personalize them or add your own thoughts when expressing your feelings towards your husband on this special occasion!

How do you wish a happy anniversary to both of you?

We wish that your marriage brings both of you abundant love and joy. Happy anniversary, my dear couple! Congratulations to the two great souls whose bond is made in heaven. May both of you experience the best moments in the upcoming years of your marriage and conquer all the challenges together!

P.S. Your love story is an inspiration for us all. Wishing you a lifetime filled with happiness and togetherness.

What is the small word for anniversary?

A love anniversary, also known as a one-year anniversary or first anniversary, is a special occasion that celebrates the completion of one year in a romantic relationship. It is an important milestone for couples as it marks their journey together and signifies their commitment and love for each other. On this day, partners often exchange gifts and express their feelings through heartfelt messages or gestures.

Love Anniversary Shayari For Husband refers to the poetic expressions of love and affection that wives use to celebrate their husbands on their first wedding anniversary. Shayari is a traditional form of poetry in India that conveys deep emotions, often related to love, romance, and relationships. These shayaris are specifically crafted for husbands to express gratitude, admiration, and unconditional love towards them.

The purpose of Love Anniversary Shayari For Husband is to make the husband feel cherished and valued on this special day. The shayaris may highlight the qualities that make him an amazing partner or reminisce about beautiful memories shared during the past year. They serve as a way for wives to express their emotions creatively while celebrating the bond they share with their husbands.

– A love anniversary marks one year of being in a romantic relationship.

– Love Anniversary Shayari For Husband involves using poetic expressions (shayaris) by wives to celebrate their husbands on this occasion.

– These shayaris convey deep emotions such as gratitude, admiration, and unconditional love towards husbands while commemorating the bond they share.

What to write on a Happy Anniversary?

May you both never miss a moment of happiness. Happy wedding anniversary to you! Wishing you countless blessings on your wedding anniversary and may you continue celebrating it every year.

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દિલના સબંધોને દુનિયા સાથ નથી આપતી_
_દિલના સબંધોને દુનિયા સાથ નથી આપતી,_
_કેમ કે પ્રેમમાં ઘવાયેલા માટે 108 નથી આવતી._
જેને ખબર હોય કે એકલતા શું છે_
_એ લોકો બીજા લોકો માટે,_
_હંમેશા હાજર રહે છે._
 _તું એમ ન સમજીશ_
_કે હું રોઈ લઈશ,_
_એ…જિંદગી !!_
_હું તને પણ જોઈ લઈશ._
_નફરત થઈ ગઈ દુનિયાથી_
_બસ તને પ્રેમ કરીને._
 _આ ઉદાસીના પળો હવે જવા લાગ્યા છે_
_કોઈ અમને પણ જોઈને મુસ્કુરાવા લાગ્યા છે._
_આપણે બંને પ્રેમ માટે જ તડપીએ છીએ_
_બસ ફરક એટલો છે કે,_
_હું તારા અને તું બીજા કોઈના._
ખુબ મજા આવે પણ એક વાતે લોચો પડે,
અઠવાડીયે એક રવિવાર ખરેખર ઓછો પડે !!
કોઈ મિત્ર થી ભૂલ થાય તો માફ કરી દેજો સાહેબ,
કારણ કે જીભ કચડાય તો દાંત નો તોડાય !!
જિંદગી મળવી નસીબની વાત છે, અને મોત મળે એ સમયની,
બાકી માર્યા પછી કોઈના દિલમાં રહેવું, એ આપણાં કર્મની વાત છે !!
*દિલ સાચું તો ત્યારેજ ભરાઇ આવે છે,*
*જ્યારે કોઇ એને ખાલી કરીને લૂટે છે.*
*આજે તારો કોરો કાગળ બંધ આંખે પણ પૂરો વાંચી લીધો.*
*પ્રેમમાં શબ્દોની ક્યાં જરૂર હતી,બસ ધબકાર વાંચી લીધો.*
*આંખોની અંધારી ગલીએ ભૂલાં પડેલાં, સપનાંઓને કેમ હું પાછા વાળું?*
*સાંજ ઢળે તો આવે તારાં સ્મરણોનું અજવાળું .*
ગુલાબ  ને  પણ  એવું  ખીલતાં  નથી  આવડતું
જે  રીતે  એમને  જોઈને  મારો  ચહેરો  ખીલી  ઉઠે  છે..!!😘
#Love #u
સમયને પણ જરુર કોઈની સાથે પ્રેમ થયો હશે*,
*એટલે તો બેચેન બની એક જગ્યા એ ઠહેરતો નથી*.💞🍃💞
સારા વર્તનમાં એટલી તાકાત હોય છે કે,
એ ખરાબમાં ખરાબ માણસને પણ શરમાવી શકે છે !!
*એવી વ્યક્તિને ક્યારેય પરાજિત ન કરી શકાય*
*જેની પાસે શક્તિ અને સહનશક્તિ બંને હોય.!*
જીવન ને તો જલસા થી જીવાય મારા વ્હાલા કારણ કે,
જિંદગી પછી મોત જ છે ને !!
*મારા એકાંત ને ખંડેર ના કહો….*
*કોઈની યાદમાં બનેલો મહેલ છે એ….*
*સાથમાં રહેતી નથીં પણ દીલમાં છુપાવવાની હોય છે*
*એક જણની હાજરી જીવનમાં આમ જ પુરાવાની હોય છે*
હજારો પ્રશ્ન છે જિંદગી ના
પણ જવાબ એક જ છે,
*”થઈ જશે..”*
ખુબ મજા આવે પણ એક વાતે લોચો પડે,
અઠવાડીયે એક રવિવાર ખરેખર ઓછો પડે !!
સલાહ આપું છું એનો મતલબ એ નથી. કે હું સમજદાર છુ,,,
બસ મેં તમારા કરતા પણ વધારે  ભૂલો  કરી છે.
મરેલા માણસને રોનાર મળે છે,
પરંતુ જીવતા માણસને ઓળખનાર મળતા નથી !!
સફળતા પામવા માટે ખુદે છોલાઈ જવું પડે સાહેબ,
કોઈએ ઉડાવેલી ઠેકડી પણ હસતાં મોઢે સહન કરવી પડે !!
વધુ શું હોય આનાથી તબાહીમાં,
સ્વજન સામે ઊભા છે સૌ ગવાહીમાં !!
ક્યારેક-ક્યારેક આપણે કોઇથી દુર જવા નથી માંગતા,
પણ નસીબ દુર લઈ જાય છે !!
પ્રેમ માટે નમવું એ કાઈ ખરાબ વાત નથી,
ચમકતો સુરજ પણ ડૂબી જાય છે ચાંદ માટે તો !!
તું મળી જાય તો નસીબ ને હું પુરસ્કાર આપું,
નથી જાણવું કે હસ્તરેખાઓ માં પછી શું લખ્યું છે !!
માતા પિતા ની સંપત્તિ ના હોય સાહેબ,
માતા પિતા જ ખુદ સંપત્તિ હોય છે !!
*’તુ હિસાબ મારાથી ના માંગ એ જિન્દગી…*
*તે જો  “વાર” ગણ્યા ના હોય તો,*
*મે ય “ઘા” ગણ્યા નથી..?*
*”હુ કોઈને અપમાનિત નથી કરતો*
*માત્ર તેને એનો પરિચય આપુ છુ”*
*સંબંધ તોડવો તો નો જ જોઈએ પણ જ્યાં કદર ના હોય ત્યાં નીભાવવો પણ ના જોઇએ*
*ખામીઓ જોશો તો..*
*ખાસિયત નહીં દેખાય.*
 *ફરીયાદ* વગર નું મન
એ ધરતી પર નું *સ્વર્ગ* છે…!
😊 *જય શ્રી કૃષ્ણ* 😊
સિગારેટના ધુમાડા માફક ખોવાતો જાવુ છું,
નીકળુ શોધવા તને ખુદથી ખોવાતો જાવુ છું…..
‘હવા છે , પણ  હવા કયાંય દેખાય છે ? ?
પ્રભુના પરિચય નું પણ
એવું જ છે..
આખરી બાજી પણ રમી લઇશ,
કા તને જીતીને જંપીશ કા બધુ હારી જઇશ….
*✍🏽પ્રગતિ ભલે ધીમી થાય.*
*પણ ઈમાનદારી રાખજો*
*કારણકે, સાહેબ. …….*
*કેરી કેમીકલ થી પાકે અને*
*આંબે.પાકે એમા ધણૉ ફેર*
*પડે છે. 🙏🏽🙏🏽*
*હજી એ રાહથી નજર નથી હટી,*
*જ્યાંથી તારી અવરજવર હતી…*
 *જે સામાન્ય વાત પર મિત્ર ના રહે*
*તો સમજો કે એ મિત્ર હતો જ નહી”*
 एक #फूल🌺 अजीब था #कभी🙄 हमारे भी करीब #था..🤔👫👨‍👧‍👦
जब #हम🤰 उसे चाहने #लगे 💕तो पता #चला 🤔वो किसी 😣और #का नसीब…💕🙁

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