Bahan Ke Liye Shayari: A Heartfelt Tribute to Sisters

Bahan Ke Liye Shayari

Bahan Ke Liye Shayari is a collection of heartfelt and expressive poetry dedicated to sisters. This article delves into the world of shayaris, which are poetic verses that beautifully capture the bond between siblings. With their emotional depth and lyrical beauty, these shayaris celebrate the love, support, and cherished moments shared between brothers and sisters. Explore this compilation to find touching expressions of affection for your beloved sister in the form of soul-stirring poetry.

What should be written for a sister?


1. Laughter resonates in every breath.

2. The welcome is decorated with sweets, lamps, and a complete platter.

3. It feels like heaven.

4. Despite any arguments that may arise.

7. Sometimes there are sweet disagreements and other times boundless love.

Top Sister Shayari

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The bond between siblings is the most precious relationship in our lives. It brings light to our darkest moments and is truly exceptional.

My sister is like a drop of rain, she spreads and decorates the house herself. When she arrives, she fills the house with new colors and fills my heart with happiness.

If there is a world beyond desires, may God grant that world to my sister.

She is lovely, she is precious, every moment spent with her, she is the dearest sister to me.

Your sister, like a blooming flower, brings a smile to my face. When you laugh, my heart feels happy, and when you are sad, it breaks. Such is the beautiful bond between siblings that we share.

My dear little sister, keep flowing like a fearless river. I will always be by your side, holding your hand and walking together.

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May all your desires come true, and if there is anything incomplete, let it become mine. My prayer to God is that your every moment overflows with happiness, even drenched in the rain of joy.

The bond between siblings is not dependent on blood relations, but rather on love and happiness.

What a tradition the world has created, forming the lovely bond of brother and sister, but only a few moments of happiness have come along with it.

You have choked your throat with your own happiness, you have fulfilled every tradition of the world. May God grant that no sorrow comes now, flow in your life.

मंजिल मिल गई, लेकिन बहना कहीं दूर चली गई, जब भी तू पास तो हर पल सुहाना लगता था, तेरे बिना जिंदगी का यह सफर रुखा सा लगता है, आजा बहना राखी बांधने के बहाने आजा।

You are the first rain when I am a cloud, you are the fragrance when I am cool breeze. My dear sister, you are not just life but my soul.

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Shayari for Sister in Hindi

I often reminisce about the sweet and mischievous moments of our childhood, dear sister. You will always be my sister in this life and even in the next.

If I feel sad, I remember your face. But you have gone so far away, how do you live without me? Write and send a letter in the name of brother.

Written with great respect and love, our bond as siblings flows like a river. Even though we are apart, you reside in my heart, and memories of you flow like waves of happiness.

Today, the earth has turned golden, the sky has become blue. When you entered my home today, it became filled with happiness and joy.

Today, my father has brought a lot of sweets. I am so excited to eat them all. But without you, sister, no sweet tastes good.

No matter how far apart we may be, the bond between siblings is unbreakable. Even if you go away, my sister, never be distant from my heart.

The sister who understands the depth of relationships and spreads happiness in two families is only found by those fortunate enough.

You are like the first ray of sunlight in the morning, waking up every day and calling me “brother”. My dear sister, you are not just happiness in my life, but a gift of joy.

The thread tied around the wrist that stops death in its tracks is a sister, who is fortunate to have such protection.

When my sister came to my home, happiness entered my house. She tied a rakhi on my wrist, and it felt like my fortunes touched the sky.

You are the crown of my head, sister. Stay happy always, just like that. If any sorrow comes in life, tell me about it.

Having a sister by your side is like winning the world, otherwise even taking two steps would be difficult.

Relationships change with time, and once the needs are fulfilled, the relationship fades away. However, despite fighting, arguing, and being apart from each other, a sibling bond is one where love continues to grow.

Your smile is more precious to me than my own life. Among all the relationships I have, you are the only sister I have.

खट्टा मीठा बड़ा अनोखा रिश्ता है, कहलाता तो भाई बहन का रिश्ता है, लेकिन स्वर्ग से भी सुंदर ये रिश्ता है।

Behan Ke liye Dua Shayari

Our bond is quite playful, sometimes sour and sometimes sweet. The special thing about it is that it keeps siblings together for a lifetime.

You enjoy teasing me, you like giving me new names, I feel like reliving those old moments with you, this bond of brother and sister feels good.

There may be countless arguments with you, but there is only love for you flowing in my heart.

He must have summoned all of nature, then infused it with the essence of affection. There would have been an effort to bring fairies down to earth, only then could God have created sisters.

My sister is more beautiful than fairies, her smile is one in a million. For the sake of your happiness, I am ready to sacrifice my entire life.

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When you used to walk with small steps, your anklets would produce a sweet melody. You are very dear, sister, stay with me throughout life just like this.

Stealing from pockets fills them with happiness, he may not be a businessman, but she engages in profitable transactions.

She sometimes tells, and sometimes scolds, my dear sister argues for a moment, then embraces in the next moment. This is our love-filled relationship.

Hope, trust, and love are the embodiment of my sister; every happiness she brings is heaven for me.

I have never seen the Kohinoor, but sisters are priceless. They teach us to hide our own sorrows and smile.

You have an innocent and lovely face, with a sweet smile. Your heart is pure like a delicate knife, and your words are as gentle as a mischievous tongue. Your eyes are lively, you have a bit of mischief in you, but to me, you are my princess who resides in my soul.

When a sister gets upset, her face turns as gloomy as the moon disappears.

Everyone says that flowers and stars have a lot to say, but among thousands, in millions, I have one sister.

May every moment be filled with happiness, and may your world always be prosperous, my dear sister.

I am fortunate to have met you, as you are lively and mischievous, but sister, you reside in my heart every moment.

New Sister Shayari

You are the ocean of happiness, the hope in despair, the sweet language that you speak. You are my dear sister and no one else can replace you.

May the melody of life continue to play, may my sister keep meeting me like this, and may all your wishes be fulfilled.

You are like a fairy of my father, you are the heartbeat of my heart, just keep being happy, my dear sister.

This friendship is not just temporary, it is built on love rather than relationships. It is a lifelong bond like the love between siblings.

If there is complaint, there is also love. If there is guidance, there is also responsibility. This bond of friendship between siblings is strong and unbreakable.

Even though you empty my pocket, you fill my life with blessings. It is because of this gesture that my entire life revolves around you, dear sister.

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What is a sweet caption for sister?

In every family, sisters hold a special place. They bring joy, love, and laughter into our lives. Sisters are not just siblings; they are also our best friends who stand by us through thick and thin.

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Having a sister means always having someone to lean on during difficult times. Sisters provide comfort and solace when we face challenges or heartbreaks in life. Their presence brings warmth to our hearts even on the coldest days.

What to write for an elder sister?

Listen to this and stop laughing, keep smiling always you and your whole family. My elder sister is my companion in happiness and sorrow. I pray to God for you, may your life be filled with showers of joy.

Shayaris dedicated to sisters often highlight their importance in our lives as confidants, friends, and pillars of support. These poetic expressions can convey various emotions such as love, respect, appreciation, or even playful banter with a touch of humor.

– It celebrates the bond between siblings by conveying love, admiration, gratitude through beautifully crafted lines.

– These shayaris capture the essence of sibling relationships while highlighting cherished moments spent together.

Remembering our loved ones through heartfelt poetry has been an integral part of Indian culture for centuries. Bahan Ke Liye Shayari continues this tradition by honoring sisters and showcasing their significance in our lives through eloquent expressions.

How to show affection to your sister?

Chand se pyaari chandni,

On 7th August 2022,

She not only comprehends the depth of relationships but also values them deeply. Her presence brings joy and warmth to my life like no other person can. Every moment spent together becomes a treasured memory that I hold close to my heart.


As we commemorate this occasion dedicated to sisters across India, let us cherish the love and affection we have for one another even more profoundly today. May our bond continue to flourish with time and may our relationship serve as an inspiration for others around us.

Chand se pyaari chandni,

On 7th August 2022

What is a small caption for sister?

1. My sister is not just a sibling, but also my eternal companion and trusted confidante. She has been there for me through thick and thin, always ready to lend an ear or offer advice. Together, we have embarked on countless adventures, both grand and humble, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

3. Among all relationships in this world, the bond I share with my sister stands out as one of the strongest support systems I could ever ask for. She understands me like no one else does; her unwavering belief in me gives me strength when I doubt myself. Through her love and encouragement, she empowers me to overcome obstacles and reach for greatness.

4. In a country like India where family holds immense importance, having a loving sister by your side is truly invaluable. Our shared experiences have shaped us into who we are today – resilient individuals rooted in tradition yet open-minded enough to embrace change. With her unconditional love and unwavering support, my sister continues to inspire me every day.