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Science Shayari In English

Once in a while, you might have come across days when you feel like giving up on something you are passionate about and look for a ray of hope to move forward. Yes, there is no shame in admitting this—such is life. Even the greatest scientists , engineers, and entrepreneurs faced adversity at some time in their lives. But what kept them going, despite failures, was their pertinacity and perseverance. Precisely, the message we want to convey is that what we want to say to you is that “Don’t Give Up!”. Here are some of the inspirational science quotes by the greatest scientists, to inspire and motivate you. Let’s begin!

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There are two things that have no end: the universe and human foolishness. However, I cannot say for certain about the vastness of the universe.

Quoted by the renowned physicist Albert Einstein , this science quote tells us his humorous take on the universe and human beings. It was also listed in the Ego, Hunger and Aggression: a Revision of Freud’ Theory and Method by Fredrick S.

It appears that I have merely been akin to a young boy amusing himself by occasionally discovering a smoother pebble or a more beautiful shell than usual, while the vast ocean of knowledge remained unexplored in front of me.

Mentioned in the Memoirs of Life, Writing, and Discoveries of Sir Issac Newton by Sir David Brewster, this quote tells us to go beyond the set boundaries of life and strive towards exploring the great discoveries that haven’t been found yet.

It is quite peculiar that only exceptional individuals have been able to make groundbreaking discoveries, which eventually seem effortless and straightforward.

One of the notable quotes in our collection of inspiring science quotes emphasizes that what we consider ordinary and effortless today was actually uncovered by someone remarkable. It elegantly illustrates how everyday things were actually invented by exceptional individuals from the past.

Continuously asking questions is crucial and should never be ceased.

Albert Einstein imparts valuable wisdom about the crucial role of curiosity in our lives through this inspiring science quote. Einstein has consistently stressed the importance of questioning, as it is often through asking questions that one can truly become a scientist of life!

The origin of life cannot be attributed to random chance. The reason being, there are approximately 2,000 enzymes and the likelihood of obtaining all of them through a random process is extremely minuscule – just one part in 10^40,000. This probability is so incredibly small that even if the entire universe were filled with organic substances, it would still not be feasible.

One of the well-known Science quotes is from Fred Hoyle, a renowned Astronomer. He commented on the extraordinary and distinct time phenomenon associated with human life.

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The only rule that exists is the rule that states there are no rules.

According to the renowned American physicist John Archibald Wheeler, human imagination knows no limits and has the power to make anything possible.

There is an extraordinary discovery that awaits us, hidden in some unknown place.

Science frequently finds itself on the cusp of groundbreaking advancements and revelations, which is precisely what this straightforward yet motivating quote from the legendary Carl Sagan contemplates!

There might be individuals who lack knowledge in mathematics and audaciously criticize my hypothesis, using certain manipulated sections of the Bible to support their own agenda. I do not give importance to them and disregard their baseless judgment.

This motivating statement is expressed by the renowned Astronomer Copernicus, who put forward the idea that the sun is at the core of our universe. He faced condemnation from religious authorities for his findings and through this quote, he essentially emphasizes that he disregards any religious opinions on his discovery as they have consistently shown ignorance towards scientific knowledge.

The black holes found in nature are the most flawless and enormous entities that exist in the entire universe. They are formed solely based on our understanding of space and time.

In his renowned publication, “Mathematical Theory of Black Hole,” the distinguished American Astrophysicist Subramanyam Chandrashekhar shared this extraordinary statement. His remarkable contributions to the field earned him a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1983.

Intellectual immorality arises when there is a lack of truthfulness in intellectual actions.

Included in the renowned collection of Science quotations, this particular one was delivered by TC Chamberlain during the yearly graduation ceremony at the University of Michigan. He asserts that among intellectuals, engaging in dishonest and deceitful intellectual pursuits is considered to be the most immoral act imaginable.

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Currently, the most disheartening part of our existence is that we acquire knowledge at a faster pace than society acquires wisdom.

Penned by the renowned American biochemist and prolific writer on scientific matters, this quotation reflects upon the constraints of knowledge and our tendency as humans to assess information rather than truly comprehending it.

We only have one chance to experience this world. There are few things more costly than having our lives restricted, and few injustices more profound than being denied the opportunity to pursue our dreams or even have hope due to external limitations that are wrongly perceived as internal.

The renowned scientist Dr. Gould, known for his groundbreaking theory of punctuated equilibrium, penned this well-known statement. He reflects on how the pursuit of hope has consistently been denied in our society, acting as a barrier that prevents us from fully embracing and experiencing the joys of life.

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Science is handicapped without the presence of religion, and similarly, religion lacks vision without the inclusion of science.

This concise yet highly inspiring statement captures the ongoing discussion and disagreement surrounding the intersection of Religion and Science. Einstein suggests that these two domains are intrinsically intertwined, emphasizing their equal significance.

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”

The purpose of this quote is to highlight the significant distinction between facts and opinions. Throughout history, science has remained accurate and reliable, but it is human interpretation that has occasionally been flawed.

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One cannot impart knowledge directly to a person; instead, one can only assist them in uncovering it within themselves.

One of the most relatable science quotes is by Galilei, emphasizing the significance of self-education. Additionally, it suggests that individuals can only receive support while exploring various aspects of life.

There is no need to be afraid of anything in life; instead, we should focus on understanding it. This is the opportune moment to gain more knowledge and reduce our fears.

Marie Curie, the pioneer who became the first female recipient of a Nobel Prize in 1903, shared an encouraging statement that urges us to embrace our natural curiosity and never restrict ourselves from venturing into uncharted territories.

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I have observed that we can achieve greater progress by building upon the knowledge and accomplishments of those who came before us.

In a letter sent by Isaac Newton to Robert Hooke in 1676, he stresses the significance of moving forward for personal and societal progress, while also overcoming any challenges or barriers that may arise.

Genuine scientific discoveries can often be more peculiar and fulfilling than the imaginative tales found in science fiction.

One of the most respected science quotes by Stephen Hawking highlights the captivating nature of real science compared to the fictional stories we consume. Science, being a fascinating realm on its own, cannot be fully encapsulated through fiction.

Science has no boundaries as knowledge is a universal possession that enlightens the entire world.

Louis Pasteur, a pioneer in the field of biology, highlights the global essence of science and its resemblance to universal knowledge as they both illuminate our world.

Science can be defined as a way to categorize and structure our inquisitiveness.

English Shayari on Science

– Antoine Francois Fourcroy believed that chemistry is an essential subject of study for every educated individual.

– Peter Krause proudly identifies himself as a science enthusiast, even owning a T-shirt featuring the periodic table.

– Diane Ackerman describes wonder as the heaviest element on the periodic table, capable of halting time with just a small trace.

– Kenichi Fukui expresses interest in formulating chemical reaction pathways.

– Sam Kean explains how our bodies tend to perceive elements within the same column of the periodic table as similar or equivalent.

– According to William Ramsay, a nation excelling in chemistry will also lead in terms of wealth and overall prosperity compared to other countries.

– Henry Edward Armstrong suggests that hypotheses should be discarded when they no longer prove effective in laboratory experiments.

Biology Shayari in English

2. Richard Dawkins describes biology as the study of intricate entities that appear to have been intentionally designed for a specific purpose.

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3. James Watson expresses his relief and excitement upon discovering the double helix structure, which not only fascinated him but also provided insights into gene duplication mechanisms.

4. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek suggests that even though microscopic organisms may seem minuscule individually, their collective presence can be significant in terms of size and impact.

5. Richard Dawkins compares genes to coded information similar to computer data, highlighting how modern biology is increasingly intertwined with information technology.

7. Freeman Dyson argues that when considering economic consequences, ethical implications, or effects on human welfare, biology holds greater importance than physics.

Science Shayari In English

2. “As a Sagittarian, I maintain a skeptical stance towards astrology and do not put my faith in it.” – Arthur C. Clarke.

3. “The absence of a space program led to the extinction of dinosaurs.” – Larry Niven.

4. “When I engage in basic research, it means exploring unknown territories without any predetermined direction.”

6. “If an ancient man witnessed planes two thousand years ago, he would have mistaken them for birds or celestial beings from another realm.” – Dejan Stojanovic

What does science mean to us?

Science, also known as “विज्ञान” in Hindi, refers to specialized knowledge. It is through science that humans have made various new discoveries to meet their needs. The present era is the age of science, thanks to countless scientific inventions and discoveries. As a result of these numerous advancements in science, human life has become more comfortable than before.


1. Science is the term used for specialized knowledge.

2. Humans have made new discoveries to fulfill their needs.

3. All these new inventions are contributions of science.

4. The current era can be defined as the age of science.

5. Human life has become more comfortable due to countless scientific innovations.

Science Shayari in English for Students

The knowledge gained from a career in science reveals the immense extent of what we do not know. This insightful quote by David Eagleman emphasizes our limited understanding and highlights the vastness of our ignorance.

I owe my vision of greater knowledge to the invaluable guidance and contributions of those who came before me.” – Issac Newton.

Our strengths and weaknesses are intertwined, just like the relationship between force and matter. Once they part ways, human existence ceases.” – Nikola Tesla

The quote by an anonymous author suggests that when something is deemed impossible, it simply implies that the solution has not been discovered yet.

According to Sir William Osler, in the field of science, recognition is given to the person who successfully persuades the world about an idea, rather than the individual who initially came up with it.

What is science in 50 words?

The study of systematic knowledge about anything is called science. Subject science is related to four branches: Physics – It is a natural science in which we study motion, matter, and its behavior. It includes space, time, and energy. Chemistry – The branch of science in which we study organic and inorganic substances.


1. Physics: It is a branch of natural science that focuses on the study of motion, matter, and its behavior including space, time, and energy.

2. Chemistry: This field of science involves the study of organic and inorganic substances.

Science Shayari in English

Throughout history, the majority of human actions have been driven by either fear or ignorance.

I have faith in my instincts and sudden bursts of inspiration that make me believe I am correct. However, I cannot be certain of it.

I continue to face the same challenges I did a decade ago. While I achieve success in minor issues, the ultimate objective remains out of reach, despite occasionally feeling within grasp. It is a difficult journey but also fulfilling: challenging because the goal surpasses my capabilities, yet rewarding as it helps me disregard the disruptions of daily life.

Strive to be a person who adds value, rather than solely seeking success.

Significant accomplishments can arise from a society when there is enough flexibility to allow individuals to freely develop their skills and talents.

What is the other name for science?

In Hindi language, science is known as “vigyan,” which translates to organized and extensive research for exploring the reasons behind natural occurrences and their impacts. This implies that scientists delve into different aspects of nature with a structured methodology to uncover the underlying mechanisms responsible for various events or phenomena. They also investigate how these factors influence our surroundings.

Overall, science encompasses a wide range of disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology, etc., all aimed at understanding the workings of nature through rigorous investigation and exploration. It plays a crucial role in advancing human knowledge while contributing to technological advancements that benefit society as a whole.

Famous Science Quotes by Scientists

There are two things that are boundless: the cosmos and the foolishness of mankind; however, my certainty about the vastness of the universe remains uncertain. – Albert Einstein

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It is quite peculiar that only exceptional individuals are able to uncover discoveries, which eventually seem effortless and straightforward. – Georg C. Lichtenberg

There might be individuals who lack knowledge in mathematics and have the audacity to criticize my theory, using certain parts of the Bible manipulated to support their own agenda. I do not hold their opinions in high regard and dismiss their baseless judgment with contempt. – Nicolaus Copernicus.

In the realm of laws, there exists only one law that prevails – the law which states that there are no other laws. This insightful quote by John Archibald Wheeler emphasizes the idea that this particular law governs all others.

The current sorrowful reality is that individuals accumulate knowledge at a faster pace than society acquires wisdom. This quote by Isaac Asimov highlights the disparity between the rapid growth of knowledge and the slower development of societal wisdom.

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Who is the mother of science?

Science is often referred to as the mother of necessity and curiosity, while thoughts and experiments are considered its father. This beautiful analogy highlights the importance of science in our lives. Science encompasses a systematic body of knowledge that is acquired through observation, experimentation, and analysis. It plays a crucial role in shaping our understanding of the world around us.

From unraveling the mysteries of nature to developing innovative technologies, science has revolutionized every aspect of human existence. It provides us with valuable insights into various phenomena occurring in our surroundings. Through scientific research and exploration, we gain a deeper understanding of how things work and why they behave the way they do.

Moreover, science serves as a foundation for advancements in medicine, engineering, agriculture, communication systems, space exploration, and countless other fields. It enables us to improve our quality of life by finding solutions to complex problems and addressing societal challenges.

P.S: The wonders brought forth by science are endless! Its continuous pursuit leads to remarkable discoveries that shape our present and future.

science acts as both a nurturing mother who satisfies our needs for knowledge and an adventurous father who encourages us to explore new ideas through thought-provoking experiments. With its systematic approach towards acquiring knowledge known as “scientific method,” it helps us understand the intricacies of this vast universe we inhabit.

What is the name of the father of science?

Galileo Galilei was an Italian astronomer, physicist, and mathematician who lived during the 16th and 17th centuries. His groundbreaking discoveries challenged traditional beliefs about the universe and laid the foundation for our understanding of how it works.

Why is science the best?

Listening to it stops us from developing new technologies, solving practical problems, and making informed decisions individually and collectively. Because its products are very useful, the process of science is associated with these applications: new scientific knowledge can lead to new applications.

Why do we study science?

Listening to it stops students from gaining a better understanding of how things work and why. Science can teach children about the world around them, from the structure of the human body to transportation technology. It can reveal the intricacies and reasons behind complex systems.

In this form of expression, poets use metaphors, similes, and other literary devices to convey scientific ideas in an artistic manner. They blend words together to create rhythmic verses that capture the essence of various scientific phenomena or theories.

Science Shayari In English serves as a bridge between two seemingly different worlds – science and art. It helps break down complex scientific concepts into simpler terms that are easier for people to grasp and appreciate. This creative fusion not only makes learning science more enjoyable but also encourages individuals to explore their imaginative side while expanding their knowledge base.

By incorporating Science Shayari In English into educational settings, teachers can engage students in a new way by combining creativity with scientific learning. It allows students to see science beyond textbooks and equations, fostering curiosity and critical thinking skills.

Overall, Science Shayari In English offers a fresh perspective on how we perceive science education by infusing it with creativity, imagination, and linguistic beauty. Through this innovative approach, individuals can develop a deeper appreciation for both science and literature while enhancing their overall understanding of various scientific principles.