Expressing Love for Elder Sister through Shayari

Badi Behan Ke Liye Shayari

This article explores the art of expressing love and admiration for an elder sister through heartfelt shayaris. Shayari, a form of poetry popular in South Asia, serves as a beautiful medium to convey emotions and sentiments. In this context, it is focused on celebrating the bond between siblings and showcasing affection towards a beloved older sister. Through carefully crafted verses, these shayaris aim to capture the essence of gratitude, respect, and love that one feels towards their badi behan (elder sister).

What is a special caption for a sister?

The fifth line portrays distance as irrelevant when it comes to maintaining a strong bond with this sister. Whether there are occasional sweet arguments or boundless love between them, nothing can weaken their relationship even if she is far away across seven seas.

Overall, these lines express deep affection and appreciation towards an elder sister while highlighting the special moments shared with her despite any differences or physical distance.

Shayari for Beloved Sister

यह भी पढ़ें – रक्षा बंधन शायरी – Raksha Bandhan Shayari

The bond between siblings is the most precious relationship in our lives. It brings light to darkness and is truly one-of-a-kind.

My sister is like a drop of rain, she spreads happiness as she enters the house. With her arrival, new colors fill our home and my heart overflows with joy.

If there is a world beyond desires, may God grant that world to my sister.

She is lovely, she is precious, every moment spent with her, my sister is the most beloved to me.

Your sister, like a blooming flower, has a smile that brings joy to my heart. When you are happy, I feel content and when you are sad, it breaks my heart. Our bond as siblings is truly precious.

My dear little sister, always be brave and keep flowing like a river. I will stay by your side at every step, just hold my hand and walk with me.

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May all your desires be fulfilled, and if there is anything incomplete, let it become mine. My prayer to God is that every moment of yours, may be drenched in showers of happiness.

The bond between siblings is not dependent on blood relations, but rather it is a connection of love and happiness.

What a tradition the world has created, forming the lovely bond of brother and sister. However, only a few moments of happiness have come along with it.

You have embraced every tradition of the world, sacrificing your own happiness. May God grant that no sorrow enters your life, my dear sister.

मंजिल मिल गई, लेकिन बहना कहीं दूर चली गई, जब भी तू पास तो हर पल सुहाना लगता था, तेरे बिना जिंदगी का यह सफर रुखा सा लगता है, आजा बहना राखी बांधने के बहाने आजा।

You are like the first raindrop to me, refreshing and pure. You are like a gentle breeze, spreading fragrance all around. My beloved sister, you are not just my life but also my soul.

Shayari for Sister in Hindi

I often reminisce about the sweet and mischievous moments of our childhood, dear sister. You will always be my sister, even in future lives.

If I feel sad, I remember your face. But you have gone so far away, how do you live without me? Write and send a letter in the name of brother, sister.

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Written with great respect and love, our bond is like that of sisters. Even though we may be far apart, you always reside in my heart. Your memories flow like waves of happiness.

Today, the earth has turned golden, the sky has become blue. With my sister coming to my home today, my house has been filled with happiness.

Today, my father has brought a lot of sweets. I am so excited to eat them all. But without you, sister, no sweet tastes good.

Such is the unbreakable bond of love between siblings, that even a slight distance cannot weaken it. No matter how far you may be, my dear sister, never be distant from my heart.

The sister who understands the depth of relationships and spreads happiness in two families is only found by those fortunate enough.

You are like the first ray of morning, every day you wake up and call me “brother”, my dear sister, you are not just happiness in my life, but a gift of joy.

The thread tied around the wrist that stops death in its tracks, is what a sister is fortunate to receive.

When my sister came to my home, happiness entered my house. She tied a rakhi on my wrist and it felt like the heavens touched my destiny.

You are the crown on my head, sister. Stay happy always, just like that. If any sorrow comes in life, tell me about it.

Having a sister by your side is like having the power to conquer the world, otherwise even taking a single step would be difficult.

Every relationship changes with time, and once the needs are fulfilled, the relationship dies. However, despite fighting, arguing, and being apart from each other, the bond between siblings continues to grow because it is filled with love.

Your smile is more precious to me than my own life. Among all the people in the world, you are the only sister I have.

खट्टा मीठा बड़ा अनोखा रिश्ता है, कहलाता तो भाई बहन का रिश्ता है, लेकिन स्वर्ग से भी सुंदर ये रिश्ता है।

Behan Ke liye Dua Shayari

Our bond is quite playful, sometimes sour and sometimes sweet. This special quality keeps siblings together throughout their lives.

You enjoy teasing me, you like giving me new nicknames, I feel nostalgic about living those old moments with you, this bond between siblings feels good.

There may be countless arguments with you, but sister, there is only love for you in my heart.

She must have called upon the entire nature, then imbibed the reflection of love within her. There would be an effort to bring fairies down to earth, only then God must have created sisters.

My sister is more beautiful than fairies, her smile is one in a million. For the sake of your happiness, I would sacrifice my entire life.

When you used to take small steps, your anklets would produce a sweet melody. You are very dear, sister, stay with me throughout my life.

Sisters fill pockets with happiness by their love and care, even though they may not be businessmen like others, they still bring forth valuable transactions.

She sometimes tells me off, and other times calls out to me. My beloved sister argues with me for a moment, and then embraces me the next. This is our loving relationship.

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Hope, trust, and love are the embodiment of my sister. Every happiness of hers is heaven for me.

I have never seen the Kohinoor diamond, but sisters are priceless. They teach us to hide our own sorrows and smile.

You have an innocent and lovely face, with a sweet smile. Your heart is pure like a delicate knife, and your words are as gentle as a playful tongue. Your eyes are lively, and you possess a mischievous side. But to me, you are my princess who resides in my soul.

When my beloved sister gets upset, her face turns as gloomy as a wilted flower.

Everyone says that flowers and stars have a thousand voices, but for me, I have one sister among millions.

May your every moment be filled with happiness, my sister, and may your world always remain prosperous.

I am fortunate to have met you, as you are lively and mischievous, but my sister, you always reside in my heart.

Newest Shayari for Sisters

You are the ocean of happiness, a ray of hope in despair, a sweet language that no one else can match, my beloved sister.

May the melody of life continue to play, may my sister keep meeting me like this, and may all your wishes be fulfilled.

You are like a fairy of my father, you are the heartbeat of my heart, just keep being happy, my dear sister.

This friendship is not just a casual one, it is built on love rather than relationships. It is a lifelong bond of sibling affection.

If there are complaints, it means there is love. If there is guidance, it means there is responsibility. The bond between siblings is strong and unwavering.

Even though you empty my pocket, you fill my life with blessings. It is because of this charm that my entire life revolves around you, dear sister.

5+ रक्षाबंधन पर कविता – Raksha Bandhan Poem in Hindi

हम आशा करते है कि हमारे द्वारा Sister Shayari in Hindi आपको पसंद आये होगे। अगर यह नारे आपको पसंद आया है तो अपने दोस्तों और परिवार वालों के साथ शेयर करना ना भूले। इसके बारे में अगर आपका कोई सवाल या सुझाव हो तो हमें कमेंट करके जरूर बताएं।

What is the famous line for sister?

Having you as my sister brings immense happiness to our family. You are a blessing of joy in my life. On every Raksha Bandhan, I make a heartfelt commitment to your well-being and prosperity. Sister, you are like an embodiment of strength during times of struggle, and it would be unfair to label you anything less than the personification of justice.

Your presence fills our home with love and warmth. Your caring nature and selfless acts bring us closer as a family. The bond we share is not just that of siblings but also one filled with trust, understanding, and support.

You have always been there for me through thick and thin, offering guidance when needed and lending a listening ear without judgment. Your unconditional love has given me the courage to face any challenge that comes my way.

I am grateful for all the memories we have created together – from childhood mischief to sharing secrets late at night. These moments hold a special place in my heart because they remind me how fortunate I am to have such an incredible sister like you.

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As we celebrate Raksha Bandhan each year, I want you to know that my love for you grows stronger with time. May this festival strengthen our bond even more and fill your life with endless joy and success.

What is a cute caption for an elder sister?

My elder sister is my rock, my superhero, and my best friend. Having a sister like you makes life better. There is no better feeling than knowing that you have an elder sister who loves you unconditionally. Having an elder sister is like having a hidden best friend.

2. She always has my back and supports me in everything I do.

3. We share secrets, dreams, and laughter together.

5. Her love for me knows no bounds, making me feel cherished every day.

6. We create unforgettable memories together that will last a lifetime.

7. With her by my side, I never feel alone or lost in this world.

8. She inspires me to be the best version of myself and encourages me to chase my dreams fearlessly.

10.She brings joy into our family with her infectious laughter and positive energy.

Having an elder sister like mine truly enriches my life in countless ways!

What is One Sweet Line for Sister?

I know my sister just as I know my own mind. You will never find someone as trustworthy or compassionate as her. In this lifetime, I love my sister more than anything else. I always choose her happiness over mine.

P.S: The bond between sisters is beyond explanation and cannot be measured by any materialistic means. It is a connection that goes deeper than words can express.

Sisters are like pillars of strength in our lives, always there to support us through thick and thin. They understand us without even saying a word and have an innate ability to bring joy into our lives effortlessly.

They are not just family; they are confidants, best friends who stand by your side no matter what life throws at you. Their presence alone brings solace during difficult times and doubles the joy during moments of celebration.

What is the best message for a sister?

The topic of “Badi Behan Ke Liye Shayari” revolves around expressing love and admiration for an elder sister through poetry or shayari in Hindi language. It highlights the bond between siblings and emphasizes the importance of having an elder sister as a friend who understands unspoken words and supports in times of need.

In Indian culture, sisters hold a significant place in families as they play multiple roles – being protective like mothers and caring like friends. This article focuses on conveying heartfelt emotions towards elder sisters through poetic expressions called shayari.

Shayari is an art form where feelings are beautifully crafted into verses with rhythmic patterns and rhymes to evoke emotions among readers or listeners. The lines mentioned above depict the deep affection and gratitude towards an elder sister by acknowledging her presence as irreplaceable and seeking blessings from God for her well-being.

छोटी बहन के लिए अनोखा कैप्शन क्या है?

– “I am so happy that you were the one who could be my dear sister.”

– “My first friend, my best friend.”

– “Happiness is being with my sister.”