Heartfelt Anniversary Shayari For Beloved Husband

Anniversary Shayari For Husband

Welcome to this post on Anniversary Wishes For Husband In Hindi or Shadi Ki Salgirah Ki Shubhkamnayein. In this post, we have brought you the best anniversary greetings messages for your husband that you can send to wish him a happy wedding anniversary.

After reading this post and sending anniversary wishes to your husband, if you want to give him a special gift on his wedding anniversary that will always be remembered and cherished by him, then you can read this post about what gift to give your husband on his anniversary. We have mentioned some great gift ideas for your husband in this post.

Wishing my beloved husband abundant blessings and congratulations on our wedding anniversary, from the depths of my body, mind, wealth, and heart.

Wishing you a happy anniversary of our marriage, where I desire the thread necklace as a symbol of love and your affection as vermillion.

The person who holds my heart and whom I adore is only you, the happiness in my life is a result of your blessings. Wishing a joyful wedding anniversary to my beloved husband.

Not desiring the moon or stars, our only wish is to be together in every life. Happy anniversary of our marriage!

You have completed me by entering my heart and holding my hand, we have lived every dream of life together. Happy Wedding Anniversary, my beloved husband.

I wonder why everywhere I go, your name is the only thing that comes up because this heart of mine is most concerned about you. Happy Wedding Anniversary to my beloved husband.

You are the reason behind my every happiness and every word I speak. Every breath I take is filled with your presence. I cannot spend even a moment without you, as the beating of my heart echoes with your voice. Wishing a joyful wedding anniversary to my beloved husband.

Anniversary Shayari for Pati in Hindi

Having you in my life has made everything perfect. All our sorrows have vanished since we found each other. You have brought beauty to every moment of my life, becoming an integral part of it. Happy anniversary to our marriage!

उदास ना होना हम आपके साथ हैं, नज़र से दूर पर दिल के पास हैं, पलकों को बंद करके दिल से याद करना, हम हमेशा आपके लिए एक एहसास हैं।” हमारी शादी की सालगिराह मुबारक हो।

May our relationship continue to flourish for many lifetimes, filling our lives with new colors of happiness every day. May God bless and protect our bond forever. Wishing you a very happy anniversary of our marriage.

You are my companion, my beloved. There is no love for anyone else except you. You have been mine since birth and I only need this from God. Wishing you a very happy anniversary of our marriage.

Every happiness and every word of mine belongs to you, these hidden breaths in my lungs are yours. I cannot even spend a moment without you, every beat of my heart is your voice. Best wishes on our wedding anniversary.

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You are my beloved husband, the pride of my love. Without you, I feel incomplete because you are my entire world. Wishing you a very happy anniversary of our marriage.

Anniversary Wishes In Hindi For Husband

You have taught me how to love, made my life a paradise by walking hand in hand with me, and fulfilled our true relationship. Happy anniversary of our marriage.

Having you in my life has made everything fall into place. Every sorrow and pain has vanished with your presence. My life has become beautiful, sharing every moment with you, making you a part of my existence. Happy anniversary to our marriage!

How can I express this relationship, how can I confess my love, how do I describe what you mean to me, this life is now dedicated to you. Happy anniversary of our marriage.

मेरी खुशियों को चार चांद लगाया है आपने, सारी हसरतों को पूरा किया है आपने, लगे न किसी की नजर हमारे रिश्ते को बड़े प्यार से संभाला है इस बंधन को। हमारी शादी की सालगिराह मुबारक हो।

You have taught me the true meaning of living, bringing smiles to our silent lips. We used to walk alone on the path of a happy life until you adorned it with flowers of love. Happy Wedding Anniversary, my beloved husband.

Every wish of ours has been fulfilled, every desire we had has been accepted. Now there is no need for prayers, our hearts hold something special since the day our lives came together. Happy Wedding Anniversary to my beloved husband.

You are the dream and desire of my life, but somewhere you remain unknown. Never be upset with me because without you, my life is empty. Happy Wedding Anniversary to my dear husband.

Your presence is unforgettable, your face remains etched in my mind. I think of you every day. Now, it feels like life needs you more than ever before. Happy Wedding Anniversary to my beloved husband!

मेरी ज़िन्दगी के हर पल में, मैंने आपको अपनाया, मेरे मोहब्बत के हर पल में, मैंने आपको ही पाया, खुशिया हो या दुःख साथ, आपने हर पल साथ निभाया जन्नत हुई ज़िन्दगी जब से पतिदेव आपको बनाया Happy Wedding Anniversary My Sweet Husband

You are my today and my tomorrow, you are the lines of destiny on my hands. Every moment, I think of only you, because you are so close to my heart. Wishing a joyful wedding anniversary to my loving husband.

Without you, what would remain in life? The chain of loneliness will persist far and wide. My love, walk beside me at every step, otherwise this companion of yours will be left alone. Happy anniversary to our marriage.

What should I write on my wedding anniversary?

Practical advice or examples:

– Communicate openly and honestly with your loved ones.

– Show appreciation and admiration for their support and companionship.

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– Express gratitude for their presence in your life.

– Make time for each other and prioritize spending quality time together.

– Celebrate milestones and achievements together as a team.

– Surprise them with small gestures of love and affection regularly.

Remember, actions often speak louder than words when it comes to expressing love for someone dear to us.

1st Anniversary Shayari For Pati In Hindi

May our desires become one with the touch of your chest, may I become the fragrance of your breath. Let there be no distance between us, let me not exist, only you should prevail. Happy anniversary to our marriage.

We will stand by your side in such a way that we will support you at every step during your old age. Happy anniversary to our marriage!

Your loyalty will always be owed to me, and my life will be dedicated to your smile. You have showered me with so much love that even in death, my life will remain indebted to you. Happy anniversary of our marriage.

Love was an unfamiliar concept to me until you entered my life. Since then, I have only felt love and nothing else. Happy anniversary to us!

What should I say to my husband on our first anniversary?

May your life shine and sparkle, filled with happiness. May your life be filled with joy. Happy first wedding anniversary! Many congratulations on completing one year of marriage.

The second line conveys the desire for their life to be filled with joy. It signifies the importance of finding happiness in every moment as they celebrate this milestone together.

Anniversary Shayari For Husband In Hindi

Remembering you has become a habit for me, taking care of you has become my nature, meeting you has become my desire, and loving you has become my destiny. Happy anniversary to our marriage.

If you say so, I could become a flower, and be a principle of your life. It is said that you spread fragrance by walking on sand. If you wish, I can even become the dust of this earth from now on. Happy anniversary to our marriage!

A flood of pain has surged in my heart… Relationships have once again put me to the test today… I am grateful to that Almighty, for being with me in every sorrow… Oh my companion, you have supported me at every step… Happy anniversary of our marriage.

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How to put a status on anniversary?

We will stand by each other in every difficulty, we will spend our lives together with laughter and smiles. We will be called lifelong companions. Happy Anniversary! You have fulfilled every lacking in my life, now neither I nor my life is incomplete. Happy Anniversary Dear..

How to have romantic conversations with your husband?

To express romantic feelings to your husband, you can talk to him about love and support. You can tell him how happy he makes you feel, express gratitude for the memorable moments spent together, and discuss his important role in your life. As a man, it is essential to understand that husbands also need affection and appreciation from their wives.

Communication plays a vital role in any relationship, especially when it comes to expressing emotions. By openly discussing your love and support for your husband, you strengthen the bond between both of you. Letting him know how much happiness he brings into your life will make him feel valued and cherished.

Furthermore, expressing gratitude for the quality time spent together helps create lasting memories. Acknowledge the efforts made by your husband in making those moments special and unforgettable. This not only shows appreciation but also encourages more meaningful experiences as a couple.

What to Write on a Happy Anniversary?

Happy anniversary wishes in Hindi Prem ye aapka koi paaye na baat, Mubarak ho aapko vivah varshagant. 5) Khao, pio, khush raho, shaadi ki saalgirah aayi hai, Kitni khoobsurati se tum dono ne, Apni hasin duniya banai hai. Aap dono se khushiyo ke ek pal bhi na chhute.


1) Happy anniversary! May your love continue to grow stronger with each passing year.

2) Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and togetherness. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!

3) Celebrating the beautiful bond you share as husband and wife. Happy anniversary!

5) May this special day bring joy and love into your lives. Happy wedding anniversary!

How do you celebrate a happy anniversary together?

We wish that your marriage brings both of you abundant love and joy. Happy anniversary, my dear couple! Wishing a happy anniversary to two great individuals whose bond is made in heaven. May both of you experience the best moments in the upcoming years of your marriage and conquer all the challenges together!

What to write on your birthday?

– Our relationship is bound by the seven vows, may this beautiful bond remain tied for a lifetime.

– May no one cast an evil eye on our love.

– We pray for your life, for every moment of happiness, may your life be filled with joy.

– Today is the day when I married the most beautiful person in the world. After all these years,

– You are still my everything and I am grateful to have you as my husband.