Mastering the Art of Crafting Mesmerizing Shayari: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Write Shayari

Hello friends, today we will discuss how to write Shayari. Although writing poetry or Shayari is usually the work of poets, if you also aspire to become a poet and want to learn how to write Shayari, then you have come to the right place. We will provide you with accurate information in this post. Please read the entire post and let us know in the comments what you have learned.

Whenever you feel the urge to write something, it is the thoughts that come to your mind which should be penned down as a beginning of writing Shayari.

Now, the interesting thing is how to write Shayari. We will discuss that further ahead. But if you are starting out, you can express your thoughts on paper in any way you like.

First and foremost, make sure that you are able to express what you want to say in a rhythmic manner, either verbally or by writing it down on paper. Initially, you may not be able to write it perfectly, but with practice, you can improve upon it.

How to Write Shayari

Writing shayari is an art that anyone can learn, as long as they have a treasure trove of thoughts and the ability to choose the right words. Shayari is a form of poetry written in four lines, known for its beautiful lyrical style, which we call shayari.

You can write shayari in just four lines, and nowadays two-line shayari is also quite popular. By the way, this two-line shayari is used in ghazals. When we learn how to write ghazals, we will talk about it.

Here are some sample shayaris that we have written for you, which will help you understand how to write shayari easily. For example…

Four Line Shayari: A Guide to Writing It

Why is there a mist in my eyes, a smile on my lips, and a cloud of emotions in my heart?

You belong to me, and you will always be mine. I wonder why this feeling of commitment exists within me.

Writing Two-Line Shayari

We have written this shayari just to explain it to you, but in order to write it, you will need to learn a lot at an advanced level, which we will learn later. For now, just start because there are many techniques involved in it that we will discuss later.

What is the English term for “शायरी”?

Shayari can be referred to as poetry in English, while a poem is called a poem. The person who writes poems is known as a poet. Shayari can also be used in ghazals or when writing songs.

What is the term for a female poet in Shayari?

A female poet who writes Shayari can be referred to as a “Shayara” or a “Kaviyatree.” If we address a female Shayar in the Hindi-Urdu language, we can call her “Shayara.

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Types of Shayari: How Many Varieties Exist?

Although writing or composing shayari is essentially about expressing your thoughts and reaching out to people, it should be written in a way that appeals to the listeners and sounds beautiful when spoken. When the manner of expression is graceful, the shayari becomes even more captivating.

The process of writing Shayari, Doha, and Ghazal is different. As mentioned earlier in the article about Shayari, when writing a Doha, one should ensure that the number of syllables in each line is always 13 or 11.

We are presenting you with a couplet below. If you count the syllables in this couplet, each line will consist of 13 and 11 syllables respectively.

The son of the wind, remover of troubles, embodiment of auspiciousness. With Ram, Lakshman and Sita, the hearts of gods are filled with joy.

What do we call someone who recites Shayari?

जब भी कोई शायरी सुनाता है, चाहे किसी मंच पर या किसी काव्य गोष्ठी में तो, जो व्यक्ति या शायर अपनी शायरी सुनाता है उसे शायर कहा जाता है.

How to Become a Good Shayar

Conveying thoughts and emotions to people in a precise and captivating manner is the essence of writing Shayari. Although anyone can create Shayari, it requires presenting it with an impeccable style and charm.

Selecting the right words and emotions is crucial when it comes to writing Shayari.

It determines how good or capable you are as a poet, which is quite significant.

What are the steps to become a poet?

To write a poem, it is essential to sit alone and focus. Only by concentrating can you write a good poem. You should be able to control the words if you want to become a skilled writer. If you cannot control the words, then you can never become a good author. To become a poet, you need extensive knowledge of words.

Writing poetry requires solitude and concentration. It is important to find a quiet place where you can gather your thoughts and let your creativity flow freely. By immersing yourself in this peaceful environment, you will be able to produce well-crafted poems that resonate with readers.

Developing an extensive vocabulary is also vital for aspiring poets. The more words you know, the greater variety and depth your poems can possess. Expand your lexicon by reading extensively across different genres—fiction, non-fiction, poetry—and actively seeking out new terms regularly.

– Find solace in solitude while writing poetry.

– Master word choice and structure for effective expression.

– Cultivate an extensive vocabulary through reading diversely.

Who is the Greatest Shayar in Urdu?

This can be a topic of contemplation and discussion as to who is the greatest Urdu poet.

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It would not be appropriate to mention the name of a specific poet or poetess, as there are numerous talented ones out there.

Yes, I would like to mention the names of some popular poets who are widely known among the general public.

However, this does not mean that other poets are not good. They have also tried their best to write Shayari.

Either they have disappeared in the darkness of anonymity or their talent has gone unnoticed.

Here are some renowned Urdu poets that I am sharing with you, such as…

Akbar Ilahabadi, Akhtar-ul-Iman, Ameer Minai, Allama Iqbal, Ali Sardar Jafri, Asrar. These are some renowned names in the world of Shayari from India.

Some famous Urdu poets known for their shayari include Ul Haq Mazaj, Ahmad Faraz, Kaifi Azmi, Gulzar, Jigar Muradabadi, Jaun Elia, and Firak.

Gorakhpuri, Majruh Sultanpuri, Mirza Ghalib, Meer Taqi Meer, Wasim Bareilvi, Shakil. These are some renowned names in the world of Shayari.

What is Urdu poetry called?

Ghazal is a prominent form of Urdu poetry. It consists of two-line sets that should end with the same rhyme and be within the predetermined meters of ghazal. To create a ghazal, there should be at least five couplets.

Couplet 1:

दिल की धड़कनों में तेरा ही साथ है (The beatings of my heart are only for you)

सुन्नत-ए-मोहब्बत में ये अहसास है (This feeling is in accordance with the tradition of love)

Couplet 2:

प्यार का प्रेमिका से मिलना है मुकम्मल (Meeting with my beloved is complete)

पर्वतों सी उंचाइयों पर कुर्बान है (I am willing to sacrifice mountains for it)

To write your own ghazal, start by choosing a theme or emotion you want to express. Then think about words that convey those feelings effectively. Remember to maintain consistency in rhyming pattern throughout your poem.

Couplet 1:

मोहब्बत की राह पे जो चलता है

हर किसी से मिलकर सलाम करता है

Couplet 2:

प्रेम कि प्रकृति जग में अनुपम है

हर कोई उसे पाने की कोशिश करता है

Remember that practice is key to mastering any art form. So keep writing ghazals regularly, seeking feedback from fellow enthusiasts or mentors who can provide constructive criticism. This will help you refine your style and create impactful Urdu poetry.

How to Create Poetry?

Writing poetry means expressing your thoughts in eight to ten lines with a rhythm that resonates like a beautiful melody.

Expressing with words, poetry can be said in any way you like, just count it as a collection of emotions.

You can also write with emotions and express the thoughts that come to your mind while writing, like…

The first line is short and the second one is long, without any specific meter (what a meter is and its significance).

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To learn how to write Shayari, click here. No need to worry about reading it.

Who is the biggest poet in the world?

Mirza Ghalib was born in 1797 in Agra, India. He belonged to a noble family but faced financial difficulties throughout his life. Despite these challenges, he managed to create some of the most beautiful and profound shayaris (poems). His work reflected his deep emotions, philosophical thoughts, and experiences of love, loss, and longing.

How to Write Hasya Kavita?

A poem that is written with the intention of making people laugh is called a humorous poem, and it is also referred to as a comedy poem in the same way.

लिखा जाता है जैसे अन्य कविता या रचना, लेकिन हास्य कविता में ऐसी कोई बात

The message can be conveyed in a satirical manner, which makes the listener laugh.

What is the term for someone who writes poetry?

To explain further, when we talk about writing poems, there are people who have a special ability to express their thoughts and emotions through beautiful words and verses. These individuals are known as “kavis.” They possess the creativity and artistry required to create meaningful and impactful poetry.

The term “kavi” holds significance in Indian culture as it represents not just the act of writing poetry but also encompasses the essence of being able to convey deep feelings, evoke emotions, and capture moments through rhythmic language. It is an honorific title given to those with poetic skills and often used as a form of respect for their artistic abilities.

Who was the first Urdu poet?

It cannot be said for certain who they were, but according to what I have heard, it was Vali Mohammad.

How to Write Poetry for Beginners

If you want to get started, you can write a poem on any topic of your choice.

To attract more people, it is advisable to start with a topic that you personally enjoy. This can increase the likelihood of others liking it as well.

Which is the Best Shayari?

The best kind of shayari is the one that touches your heart and resonates with your mind. Anything else falls short in comparison.

कितनी भी बड़ी बात कह रहे हो और वो दिल तक नहीं पहुंचे तो फिर कोई बात नहीं बनती.

My relationship with the pen is not short-lived, it is connected to my breath. This connection is like a breeze. Poet: Hitesh Chaudhary. If you understand, then in these two lines of poetry, the poet has said something very profound.

Only those who have a basic understanding of poetry can truly comprehend the depth and emotions behind relationships and these sentiments.