Mother’S Day Par Shayari

उनके बिना कुछ भी अधूरा सा लगे !! माँ का प्यार ही सबसे प्यारा लगे !!

माँ की ममता बेहद प्यारी !! उनके बिना जीवन अधूरा है प्यारी !!

जब भी हो मुश्किलें और चुभें जीवन !! माँ की गोदी ही होती है सबसे अमन !!

माँ के बिना कुछ भी अधूरा सा लगे !! माँ का प्यार ही सबसे प्यारा लगे !!

Life is incomplete without them! The color of life lies in the prayers of a mother.

माँ के प्यार में ही है सारी खुशियाँ !! माँ के बिना कुछ भी अधूरा सा लगे !!

You are the most precious in my life, mother! Life feels extremely empty without you.

माँ के प्यार में ही है सब कुछ प्यारा !! माँ के बिना कुछ भी अधूरा सा लगे !!

Salutations to the love of a mother! Our lives are incomplete without her presence.

माँ की ममता का असर है यह कविता !! जब से जन्म लिया तब से है ममता का जादू !!

Mothers Day Shayari in Hindi

माँ की हँसी माँ का प्यार !! जिंदगी की सबसे मिठासी बात है प्यार !!

Whenever difficulties arose in the journey of life, every problem was solved with the presence of a mother.

माँ की दुआओं का आशीर्वाद हमें हमेशा मिलता है !! उनके बिना हमारा जीवन अधूरा सा लगता है !!

Mother, you are the title of our lives! Life feels incomplete without you, like the magic of relationships.

Without you, mother, everything feels incomplete! With you, everything feels lovely and dear to us!

Life feels empty without a mother. Being with our mother makes everything feel lovely and dear to us.

Your love and care always have a lasting impact on us! Without you, mother, everything feels incomplete to us!

May we always be blessed with the shadow of your love and care! Mother, you are no less than a god to us!

आपकी ममता की मोहब्बत हमें हर दर्द से बचाती है !! माँ आपके बिना हमारा जीवन अधूरा सा लगता है !!

माँ आपके बिना कुछ भी अधूरा सा लगता है !! आपके साथ हर दिन माँ का दिन है !!

Mothers Day Shayari

May your motherly love always be with us every day! Mother, you are no less than a god to us!

Our life exists because of the love of our mother! Without you, we are nothing!

Mother, you are always close to our hearts! Our life is incomplete without you.

Salute to your love and care! Mother, you are the greatest joy of our lives!

The day of paradise is hidden in the embrace of a mother. The essence of happiness and contentment lies within the love of a mother, every single day.

Life feels incomplete without a mother! It is the love of a mother that makes every pain and illness feel distant.

She is my earth, she is my sky. She is my god, she is my divine. Why should I go anywhere leaving her? The whole world resides in the footsteps of a mother.

Win the hearts of your parents and you will become successful! Otherwise, even if you conquer the whole world, you will still be defeated!

What will be my worth if I cannot repay the debt of your milk, mother! If you are displeased with me, how can God be pleased with me!

She never utters curses on her lips! There is only one mother who never gets angry with me!

Mothers day shayari

चलती फिरती आँखों से अजाँ देखी हैं !! मैने जन्नत तो नही देखी हैं माँ देखी हैं !!

Someone got a share of the house, or a shop came along! I was the youngest in the house, and my mother came into my share!

A mother endures hardships like mountains throughout her life, but she shatters with the pain of a child.

In the past, whenever tears came, you would come to mind! Today, you come to mind and tears flow.

Oh darkness, look how your face has turned black! Mother opened her eyes and brought light into the house!

My house was empty!! When my mother came home, it became a home!!

She wrote that destiny has brought her to wake up! How can a mother sleep when her son is on a journey!

A mother takes care of her four children by doing household chores. However, despite having four children, the mother is not provided with enough food for two meals a day.

A person who serves and respects their parents is considered the greatest ruler in the world.

Mothers have the ability to understand everything just by looking into our eyes. A mother is someone who can forgive us without even saying a word.

Mothers day shayari in hindi

माँ की ममता का आगाज़ हो तुम !! जीवन के सफर में हमेशा साथ हो तुम !!

जीवन का सबसे बड़ा उपहार हाँ माँ !! प्रभु का हम पर बड़ा उपकार हैं माँ !!

I wish to have a prayer that I find this world again! That I find the same lap and the same mother again!

No mother can have a height higher than yours, O God! The one you make into a human being, she turns them into humane beings.

चलती फिरती आँखों से अज़ाँ देखी है !! मैंने जन्नत तो नहीं देखी है माँ देखी है !!

No one can take care of someone like a mother does! This is something that only a thought can accomplish!

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जब-जब कागज पर लिखा मैंने माँ का नाम !! कलम अदब से बोल उठी हो गये चारों धाम !!

One day, the entire world will be at your feet! You are the one who adorns the lips of a mother with smiles.

When a hand is placed on the head, it gives courage! When mother smiles once, it feels like heaven is attained!

Neither did you come as a part of me, nor did I come as a part of you! The one who has the presence of a mother in their life has found heaven.

Maa ke liye shayari

Where do such experiences come from, like those possessed by a wise person? Mother can sense fever just by hearing the voice.

A mother is a mother, she knows everything! Whether her eyes turn red from crying or gold from sleeping.

I feel restless whenever my heart becomes overwhelmed. In such moments, I find solace by looking at the picture of my mother that I keep in my wallet.

She manages to raise four children without any skills! How do I say that my mother is illiterate!

Your love and care bring immense happiness and peace! Mother, you are the lifeline of our existence!

Your laughter, your words! Mother, these are the most precious memories of life.

माँ आप हो हमारी शक्ति का स्रोत !! आपके बिना ये जीवन अधूरा है हर तरह का !!

माँ के प्यार में बसा है सबकुछ !! माँ के बिना ये दुनिया है अधूरी ये सच !!

How can I express the love of a mother? She is the most important story of my life!

Life is incomplete without a mother. Our happiness lies in the love of our mother, it is like a new morning for us.

मैं अपनी मां को महिला दिवस की शुभकामनाएं कैसे दूं?


– My mother is the most significant woman in my life.

– I am thankful for everything she has done for me.

– Today and forever, I celebrate her.

– She is my ideal and hero.

Shayari for mother’s day

The world feels incomplete without a mother. We feel lost and silent without you, Mother.

These words are small for a mother! Understanding the love of a mother is difficult.

Mother, you are the light of our lives! Without a mother, this life is said to be in darkness.

वो तो असर है मां की दुआओं में !! वरना इतना सुकून कहां था इन हवाओं में !!

सख्त राहों में भी आसान सफ़र लगता है !! ये मेरी माँ की दुआओं का असर लगता है !!

I am the most genuine and innocent one! No matter how grown-up I become, I am still your child, Mother!

I do not fear death as much as I fear being in this world without my mother.

She raised me from the ground to the sky! She was my mother who taught me how to walk!

A mother should also receive a medal! They never have holidays in their life!

A mother never gives her child a curse! She always provides shade to protect them from the scorching sun.

2023 के लिए मातृ दिवस क्या हैं?

Another idea is to organize a family gathering where everyone comes together to celebrate the wonderful women in their lives. This could include inviting extended family members over for lunch or dinner and creating an atmosphere filled with love and appreciation.

Madars day shayari

माँ को नाराज करना इंसान तेरी भूल हैं !! माँ के कदमो की मिट्टी जन्नत की धूल हैप्पी मदर्स डे !!

When my mother smiles, it feels like I have found the essence of life. When she is sad, my heart also becomes sorrowful.

The words of those parents who touch you today! Just wait and see, one day the silence of your parents will make you cry a lot!

Life feels incomplete without you!! Mother, you are the title of our lives!! Without you, we feel a sense of incompleteness!!

Mother, you are the light of our lives! We always long for you! Your memory comes to mind at every step.

We always cherish the love of our mother! Life feels incomplete without her presence. Everything seems beautiful when we are with our mother.

Life feels incomplete without a mother. Her love and affection make every pain and illness seem distant.

माँ की गोदी में ही है सबसे सुरक्षित जगह !! माँ की बातों में ही छुपा है !! जीवन का सबसे महत्वपूर्ण संदेश !!

माँ के प्यार में ही है जिन्दगी की हर खुशी !! माँ के बिना तो ये दुनिया सुनी होती बिना मिस की दिन और रात की रूशी !!

उनके प्यार को कैसे ये जगह सकती है शायरी !! माँ आप हमारी जिन्दगी की सबसे बड़ी खुशी हो !! ये है मेरी ये जज्बात की गहराई !!

What to write about a mother?

A mother is known as someone who selflessly sacrifices for the well-being, growth, development, and welfare of her children throughout her life. She prioritizes her children and gives them utmost importance. A mother not only gives birth to a child but also prepares herself to love, care for, and dedicate herself unconditionally without any conditions.

– A mother selflessly sacrifices for the well-being of her children.

– A mother prioritizes the growth and development of her children.

– A mother gives primary importance to the welfare of her children.

Mother’s day lines in hindi

Mother, I send you boundless love from my side! May we always be together, this is my prayer! And it is the heartfelt desire that our message of shayari reaches you.

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ख़ुशी कर प्यार का धन देती है माँ !! अपनी ज़िन्दगी से जीवन देती हैं माँ !! मातृ दिवस की शुभकामनाएं !!

No one seems to find a solution to any problem anymore. Maybe no one is able to leave their home and seek help from their mother. They are unable to touch the feet of their mother for guidance or support.

No one in this world can be a greater warrior than a mother! She carries the burden of the entire world on her shoulders for the sake of her children.

बाबा के चले जाने के बाद माँ को !! पूरे घर की ज़िम्मेदारी उठाते देखा है !! कुछ इस तरहा मैंने माँ को भी मेरा बाप बनते देखा है !!

माँ का प्यार अनमोल है !! उनके बिना जीवन सुना है !! माँ के बिना जीवन अधूरा है !! उनकी ममता को सलाम है !!

माँ की ममता का कोई मोल नहीं !! उनके बिना जीवन अधूरा है !! माँ की दुआओं में शक्ति होती है !! उनकी ममता को सलाम है !!

I remember every smile of my mother! Life is incomplete without her! There is nothing without a mother! Salute to her love and affection!

Mother, you are the light of my life! I have heard everything without you. Salute to the affection of a mother! Life is incomplete without a mother.

रब से करू दुआ बार-बार !! हर जन्म मिले मुझे माँ का प्यार !! खुदा कबूल करे मेरी मन्नत !! फिर से देना मुझे माँ के आंचल की जन्नत !!

The Invaluable Presence of a Mother in Life

No matter where in the world, every child holds the most precious love for their mother. A mother not only shapes our physical being but also nurtures our mind, personality, and self-confidence. She sacrifices herself by putting her own needs aside and devotes herself to her children.

Practical advice: Express your gratitude towards your mother regularly by showing appreciation for everything she does for you. Take the time to listen to her thoughts and concerns without judgment or interruption. Offer assistance whenever possible so that she can have some well-deserved rest from her responsibilities.

Example: Surprise your mom with breakfast in bed on weekends or help out with household chores without being asked. Small gestures like these will make her feel loved and appreciated.

Happy mothers day shayari

No prayer has any effect until she looks upon us. Whether we keep track of her or not, she never leaves us uninformed.

The destination is far and the journey is long! There are many worries in this small life! The world has tried to break us a long time ago, but the blessings of a mother have a great impact!

She put us to sleep by forgetting her own sleep! She made us laugh by shedding her own tears! Never give pain to those souls whom God has made parents!

Someone kept a fast every day, and someone observed a vow,

We simply kept our parents close to us.

What should I write about the one who wrote me? My only desire is to always keep them happy. I want to see them pleased and make them smile. I can never repay the debt of their love and care. What more can I write about this loving mother now?

माँ की एक दुआ ज़िन्दगी बना देगी खुद !! रोयेगी मगर तुमको हंसा देसी कभी भूल !! कर भी माँ को ना रुलाना एक छोटी सी !! गलती पूरा अर्श हिला देगी !!

अपने खुद के बटुए से दस रुपये चुरा के रख लेता हूँ !! ऑफिस के टिफ़िन में से पराठा जैम चख लेता हूँ !! भागते भागते कहीं मैं कही दूर तो नहीं निकल आया !! माँ पिता को भूला नहीं कुछ यु ऐसे परख लेता हूँ !!

ममता की कोई जुबान नहीं होती हैं !! और माँ बाप के प्यार की होती तस्वीर नहीं होती हैं !! जिसको मिला है माँ बाप के चरणों की वो छाया !! उससे अच्छी कोई तकदीर नहीं होती हैं !!

किसी की नज़रों में मैं भले कम लगूँ !! फर्क नहीं पड़ता मुझे कुछ ऐसा हुँ मैं !! हाँ जो खुद पे शक हो आये कभी तो !! बस अपनी माँ से पूछ लेता हुँ कि बता कैसा हूँ मैं !!

She was created by God in such a way that she can give a place to anyone in her heart. All she asks for is a little respect and admiration. My mother knows everything.

Mothers par shayari

परवाने की तरह हर दम बस आग मे ही जलते हैं !! जो नज़रों से गिर गये वो मुश्किल से ही संभलते हैं !! ख़तरा और हादसात मेरे नज़दीक नहीं आते अपने माँ के कदम चूमकर हम घर से जो निकलते हैं !!

We have never expressed the condition of our heart to her, yet she understands everything. She saves me every time I am sinking. Yes, my mother is the only existence that is like a boat for me.

What could be better than the greatness of a mother! What could be better than serving and working for a mother! God has placed heaven at her feet. Imagine what position her head must hold!

With just one word, my whole world exists! Bring back my lost paradise to me! Even if God takes away everything in return for my life, just give me back my mother!

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The art of giving everything despite taking it all! We should learn this from our fathers. And the skill of winning the world even after losing everything! No one can teach us better than a mother.

Every happiness in life is attainable! Whatever you desire, you can achieve it! Although everything can be found in life, there is no lover greater than a mother in this world!

Your love and care are priceless! Your nurturing has no match! Without a mother, we have experienced an empty space in this world. Without a mother, life seems incomplete to us.

माँ की ममता की कोई मिती क़ीमत नहीं !! माँ की हर बात की कोई बोल नहीं !! माँ की ममता में है खुदा का नूर !! माँ की ये ममता है सबसे प्यारी धरूर !!

माँ आप हो सबका सहारा !! आपके बिना जीवन है बेहाल !! माँ आपका आशीर्वाद हमें चाहिए हमेशा !! माँ आपके बिना हमारा कुछ भी नहीं बन पाया !!

A mother holds a special place in our hearts with her love. Without a mother, everything feels empty. The love of a mother brings the most beautiful moments in life. Mother, you are the biggest hope in our lives.

Mother’s day lines hindi

Mother, I express my love and gratitude to you! You are the biggest expression of my life. This shayari is from me to you, Mother, who is the most beloved person in my life.

She always guides me on what is right and wrong! Even if I skip a meal, she also sacrifices her own food. And to save some money for her children, she walks home instead of taking transportation.

Witness the depths of soulful relationships! We get hurt and our mother screams in pain. Even if we forget our mothers in moments of happiness, they come to mind when trouble strikes.

Those who consider others as their own are called mothers. Even if they hide a million pains in their hearts, they can still make you smile in front of them. That very presence is also called mother.

माँ के होने से ही जहां में हैं बहारें !! माँ के होने से ही है ज़िंदगी का प्यार !! माँ की गोदी में ही है सबसे प्यारी बसेरा !! माँ के बिना ये दुनिया सुना है सुनसान है यार !!

माँ का प्यार अनमोल है कोई सिके की तरह नहीं !! माँ की दुआओं का आसरा कोई मंजिल की तरह नहीं !! माँ के बिना जीवन सुना माँ के साथ हर दिन खुशियाँ !! माँ के बिना ये जहां अधूरा माँ का प्यार है अनमोल किताब !!

माँ के प्यार में छुपा है जन्नत का सुकून !! माँ के प्यार में मिलता है हर खुशियों का फल !! माँ के बिना ये जगह है सुनसान सी !! माँ के साथ हर दिन खुशियों से भरी होती है !! ज़िन्दगी की ये सारी राहें !!

माँ की ममता का ताज माँ की मोहब्बत का रंग !! माँ के बिना ये दुनिया सुनी है सुनसान सी तरंग !! माँ के बिना ये जिंदगी अधूरी सी लगती है !! माँ के प्यार में ही हर दिन होता है नया रंग !!

माँ के बिना जीवन अधूरा सा लगता है !! माँ के प्यार में ही हर खुशी समाई होती है !! माँ के प्यार को कैसे जख्म में दिखा सकते हैं !! माँ के बिना जीवन कुछ भी खोखला सा लगता है !!

What does my mother mean to me?

If you interview people, you will get various thoughts and descriptions about what their mother means to them. Generally, you will hear that a good mother is loving, understanding, emotional, the best friend, listener, advisor, the best cook, the best teacher and always there for you.

Who loves more, mother or child?

After a mother, it is the father who loves his child unconditionally and does anything for them. At the third position, a guru showers love like a mother. A guru plays the role of both mother and father for their disciples.

हैप्पी मदर्स डे को हिंदी में क्या बोलते हैं?

Mothers day ka matalab hindi me kya hai (Mothers day का हिंदी में मतलब ). Mothers day meaning in Hindi (हिन्दी मे मीनिंग ) is मातृदिवस.

How to congratulate mother?

On this day, people often express their love for their mothers through various gestures such as giving gifts or writing heartfelt messages like shayaris (poetry). Shayaris are a form of expression that beautifully captures emotions using rhythmic words and phrases. These shayaris convey deep affection, admiration, and respect towards mothers while acknowledging their unparalleled beauty inside out.

महिला दिवस पर दो पंक्तियाँ कौन सी हैं?

2. The purpose is to recognize forgotten rights and gender equality.

4. Appreciation extends beyond biological mothers.

5. The day raises awareness about gender-related issues.

6. Society should strive for inclusivity & equal opportunities for all genders

Who will tell which day it is that exists without a mother?


– The love and affection a mother gives cannot be compared to anything else.

– Mothers hold a special place in our hearts and lives.

– They deserve to be celebrated every day for their selflessness and sacrifices.