One-sided Love Poetry

Ek Tarfa Mohabbat Shayari

In life, it is inevitable to experience love from someone or the other at least once. However, there are some individuals who also encounter one-sided love and this kind of affection holds a special and extraordinary significance. Only those who have experienced it truly understand the essence of one-sided love.

If the person in front of us also falls in love with us, we can share our feelings with each other. However, this is not always the case. You simply live that love without telling them and you become happy or angry on your own! This is a collection of one-sided love shayari (Ek Tarfa Pyar Shayari) in Hindi.

ek Tarfa pyar shayari आपको एक तरफ प्यार वालो की फ़ीलीनग इन लाइन्स में दिखेगी आप समझ जाओगे की आखिर ये एक तरफ इश्क़ कैसा होता है !! तो चलिए जानते है एक तरफ प्यार की बेहतरीन Hindi shayari

What is the outcome of one-sided love?


1. One-sided love can have a negative impact on your mental well-being.

2. It does not bring joy or happiness.

3. Instead, it often leads to sadness and unhappiness.

4. One may continuously yearn for the person they love in one-sided relationships.

6. They may neglect their own mental and physical health in the process.

7. Additionally, they may disregard the thoughts or well-being of others involved in the situation.

One-sided Love Shayari in Hindi

Whether they are there or not, but we have certainly multiplied countless times.

Love is a game of destiny, where sometimes one finds love even after hating someone.

Love is a game of fate, where one can find love even after harboring hatred.

Sometimes, even after receiving countless love, someone still ends up being betrayed!

I still have feelings of love for you, even though you may not be aware of it.

Was it my fault that I got everything by loving you?

What was my fault in loving you? I gave you everything, except for this desire!

I loved you secretly and was afraid to express my love for you openly.

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Due to this fear, my love became one-sided and remained unrequited.

I was afraid to express my love for you openly, but I secretly cherished you with all my heart.

Due to this fear, my love remained one-sided and stayed as it is.

Our relationship is better when we are apart, but it feels good to be close to you.

Still, my naive heart only hopes for you, and no one else.

My heart knows that my love for you belongs to someone else.

Still, my innocent heart only hopes for you, my love..!!.

When I go far away from you, you will search for me in the world!

As long as I am with you, you will not feel the essence of my love.

When I go far away from you, you will search for me in this world…!!

I had no idea that people can put their heart into hobbies as well.

I had no idea that people can even develop feelings for their hobbies.

I had trusted you with my heart, thinking that you understood life.

Wo mujhse pyar nah karti , main ek tarfa karta hoon !!

Unrequited Love Shayari in English

Ever since you have distanced yourself from me, there is a sense of tranquility on your face.

Ever since you have distanced yourself from me, there is a sense of tranquility on your face.

Now I am realizing that I was a burden on your heart.

प्यार तुझे नही था मुझहे तो एक बार साफ बोल दिया होता,

Why did you tarnish my love by using me like this?

pyar tujhe nahi tha mujhe to ek bar saf bol diya hota,

Why did you tarnish my love by using it against me like this?

Unilateral Love Shayari in Hindi: Two-line Ek Tarfa Pyar Shayari

Why should I tell the people of the world if my world exists?

Why should I tell the people of the world if my world exists!

Despite asking for you in every prayer, my wish was not granted.

Our love was one-sided, with only you being the object of my affection, yet my love remained unrequited.

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Two-line Unrequited Love Shayari

You are not just my desire, you are my one-sided love!

You are not just my desire, you are my one-sided love..!!

I relied on false hope to get through my time. I was spending my own time!

is jhoothi umid ke sahare mene, waqt apna gujara tha..!!

Otherwise, despite loving so deeply, my beloved has chosen to walk a one-sided path.

Despite loving my partner deeply, they only remained one-sided in their affection for me.

Every relationship undergoes changes, but true love remains constant in the heart.

Every relationship undergoes changes over time, but true love in the heart remains constant and never alters.

I am continuing to fulfill the love that you have bestowed upon me, unilaterally.

I am giving away the flames of love that you have ignited.

I am carrying forward the one-sided love that you have bestowed upon me.

However, in one-sided love, nothing matters except for the truth!!

However, in one-sided love, nothing matters except for honesty.

One-sided Love Shayari

You are the only one who resides in my heart, and your love is reflected in my eyes.

Still, you seem to lack faith in my love, which leaves your heart perplexed.

You are the only one who resides in my heart, and your love dwells in my eyes.

Still, you seem to have doubts about my love, and it astonishes my heart.

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What is the meaning of two-sided love?

In the realm of one-sided love, both individuals have feelings for each other and desire to be happy together. This creates a relationship based on joy and understanding between them, while in unrequited love, only one person experiences happiness. One-sided love is a complex emotion that often brings forth mixed feelings of hope and despair.

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The dynamics of a relationship built on mutual love involve constant communication and efforts from both parties involved. They support each other through thick and thin, cherishing every moment spent together. However, in cases where there is unrequited love, it can lead to heartbreak for the individual who loves without being loved back.

One-sided love can be an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with longing and yearning for someone who may not feel the same way. It requires immense strength to navigate through such emotions alone without any assurance or reciprocation from the desired person. Despite this challenge, some individuals continue to hold onto their feelings with hopes that someday their beloved will realize their worth.

How to Forget One-Sided Love – Shayari?

We can forget one-sided love, but memories always remain in our hearts. People cry for those who do not value them, and those who value others make them cry. It is strange, this one-sided love of mine; it is neither mine nor does it allow me to belong to someone else. Betrayal in love, followed by loneliness after separation.

Love has the power to bring immense joy and happiness into our lives. However, when that love becomes one-sided, it can be a painful experience. One may try their best to forget such unrequited feelings, but the memories associated with that person linger on forever in the depths of their heart.

This kind of unreciprocated affection brings forth various emotions like betrayal and heartache when faced with separation or rejection from the beloved individual. The pain intensifies as solitude becomes a constant companion during these difficult times.

Is One-Sided Love Good?

Listening to one-sided love can be extremely painful, leading to sadness, rejection, and even physical discomfort. In serious cases, it can affect mental health and give rise to thoughts of suicide, making seeking help and support crucial.