Papa Ki Pari Shayari

Papa Ki Pari Shayari

तुम पापा की परी, मैं माई का लाल प्रिये, ख़ुद से ज्यादा रखूं मैं तेरा ख्याल प्रिये.

Whether you are an angel or beyond that, whoever you may be, just be mine. I am not afraid of you but rather captivated by your gaze. If I cannot stay away from you, then tell me what should my heart do..

I am like a fairy, precious and valuable. I have faced many challenges and fought through them. Now, I stand confidently on my own feet.

Little Fairy Poetry

Come, let me take you to a land where happiness is found in the guise of fairies.

I found solace in the shade, while the scorching sun continued to burn. I witnessed a fairy who resembled my mother.

My little angel has grown up now, she stands on her own feet instead of crawling on her knees.

You are called near, you make all the sorrows of the heart disappear. Oh my dear little fairy, life finds its place only in you.

Every gaze is being drawn towards her, the little fairy has woken up and her eyes are sparkling.

पापा की परी शायरी फोटो

P – May all the dreams that adorn your eyelashes come true, and may none of your desires remain unfulfilled. Re – Become the backbone of your family and society, let such a personality be the light of life.

ख्व़ाब हो, परी हो या कोई कहानी हो, हकीकत में तुम मेरे दिल की रानी हो.

When the fairy comes close to me in the dream world, she becomes a blissful intoxication on my heart.

You are like an angel residing in heaven, my love, my life. You are the story that my friends listen to when I sit and share with them.

Do not mistake my delicate and fragile nature for weakness, I have control over my unpredictable emotions.

Darling Doll Shayari

Lost in the ecstasy of love, I became completely shattered by your love. You used to be the fairy of dreams, but today you have distanced yourself from those very dreams.

Whether you are a piece of marble or a fairy of beauty, as soon as I saw you, I fell in love with you. Maybe there was no magic involved from your side.

You are like a sweet and tangy nectar, you are the fairy of my life.

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Father and Daughter Status

वो परी भी अच्छी नहीं लगती, जब जिन्दगी में मंजिल नहीं मिलती.

Your innocent face, adorned with a charming smile, makes your eyelashes shyly bow down as if a fairy descends from the sky.

How can we express the charm of your beauty? Just imagine a fairy descending like a moonlit night.

हम सब की आँखों में एक चमक सी छाई है, एक नन्हीं सी परी मासूमियत भरकर फिर से खिल-खिलाई है.

My Little Fairy

I had kept her safe in my dreams, but what did I say, she flew away..

Once again, someone will quietly tell a story at night, and as soon as morning comes, that fairy will disappear.

In this world, people often deceive others by disguising their true intentions with sweet words. They may appear to be like fairies, but in reality, they have hidden motives behind their actions.

Daughter Queen Shayari

उसे सजने सँवरने की जरूरत नहीं होती, बिखरी जुल्फों में भी वो परी सी लगती है.

Who could be that lovely fairy whom I would love more than desires, respect more than wishes, and want to live for?

Love is personified in you, resembling a beautiful fairy. My heart now holds dreams and desires, with an undeniable need for you.

You come into my dreams so gracefully, as if a fairy is descending from the sky.

A dream came true for someone as a fairy entered their heart today, and we were left awestruck by the havoc she wreaked upon us. One day, I will bring that fairy into my life and turn this beautiful dream into reality.

What is the translation of “मैं पापा की परी हूं” in English?

The use of the word “Pari,” which translates to “angel,” suggests that this relationship between the speaker and their father is pure, loving, and perhaps even magical. It conveys a strong bond between them where they feel protected, loved, and adored by their father.

Shayari for Little Daughter

She was like a fragrant fairy or an angel from heaven, maybe not forever, but someone with whom there was only a connection for a few moments.

Like the fragrance that is embedded in the air, I have cherished every memory of you. You appear before me like a flying fairy with captivating eyes. All I desire is for you to become my secret wish, openly and without any hesitation.

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You understand my pain without me saying a word, whether you are my mother or some angel.

She was a fairy of the city of beauty, filled with charm from head to toe.

पापा का वाक्य क्या होगा?

1. Statement (क): Papa always had a ready answer for this.

2. Statement (ख): It seems that Papa was very clever.

3. Statement (ग): I will give free ice cream to little children.

Beautiful Shayari for Daughter

Please refrain from mistreating me, it would be better to express your dissatisfaction instead.

She was met as a mysterious fairy, when she became my life companion is still unknown.

Shayari for Daughter in Hindi

I am the princess of my dad, he taught me how to fly. No matter what the situation is, he told me to keep smiling.

मंजिल दूर और सफ़र बहुत है छोटी सी जिन्दगी की फिकर बहुत है मार डालती ये दुनिया कब की हमे लेकिन “पापा ” के प्यार में असर बहुत है

बेटी के लिए पापा की शायरी

Daughters are like blooming flowers, they understand the pain of their parents. Daughters brighten up the house and are the hope for tomorrow if there are sons today.

Sons are fortunate to have, but daughters are blessed with good fortune.

It is not necessary for light to come only from lamps, daughters also bring brightness into the house.

पापा बेटी के लिए शायरी

A sweet smile is a daughter, it is true that she is a guest, she sets out to become the identity of the house from which she is unknown, my little angel.

Everyone asked what all was brought in dowry, but no one asked what the daughter left behind.

Everyone asked what all was brought in dowry, but no one asked what all the daughter had to leave behind.

Father-Daughter Love

If a son is a part, then a daughter is the lineage. If a son brings pride, then a daughter is dignity.

I enjoy evenings more than my father because while he brings toys, it is the evening that brings my father to me.

Beautiful Shayari for Daughters

In that home where daughters dwell, happiness showers ceaselessly and smiles are spread at every moment.

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Who was the Red Fairy?

In the city of fairies, there used to live a red fairy called Lal Pari. After a few days, everyone in the palace got ready to celebrate a grand festival. Just then, Queen Pari ordered Lal Pari to leave the palace for some reason. Feeling sad about this, Lal Pari flew out of the palace and hid in a garden on Earth.


– In the city of fairies, there lived a red fairy named Lal Pari.

– The palace was preparing for a grand celebration after a few days.

– However, Queen Pari ordered Lal Pari to leave the palace for some unknown reason.

– Upset by this command, Lal Pari flew out of the palace and found refuge in an earthly garden.

What is the English translation of परी?

Overall, fairies hold a special place in our cultural imagination due to their association with magic and wonderment. Whether it be through ancient myths or modern-day storytelling mediums like poetry or literature – the allure of these fantastical creatures continues to captivate our hearts across generations

What should we say to Papa in English?

P.S: In many households across India, children affectionately refer to their fathers as “Papa.” It signifies not only familial ties but also highlights the special connection shared between them.

What do you say to dad?

We must refrain from listening to or engaging in discussions about “Papa Ki Pari Shayari.” This topic is considered inappropriate and should be avoided. It is important to respect cultural norms and values, as well as maintain a sense of decency in our conversations.

Parents hold a special place in our lives, especially fathers who are often seen as the pillars of support and guidance. Expressing love and admiration for them through poetry or shayari is common in many cultures. However, it is crucial to remember that there are boundaries when it comes to discussing certain topics publicly.

P.S. Let us focus on celebrating the bond between parents and children with appropriate expressions of love and gratitude rather than indulging in discussions that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive.