Patriotic Shayari for 15 August

15 August Desh Bhakti Shayari

15 अगस्त की शायरी 2023 | 15 August Shayari in Hindi यही ख्वाहिश खुदा हर जन्म हिन्दुस्तान वतन देना अगर देना तो दिल में देशभक्ति का चलन देना न दे दौलत न दे शोहरत, कोई शिकवा नही हमको झुका दूँ सर मै दुश्मन का यही हिम्मत का घन देना अगर देना तो दिल में देशभक्ति का चलन देना। स्वतंत्रता दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें

15th August Patriotic Shayari

We will never let the evening of freedom fade away. We will not allow the sacrifices of our martyrs to be forgotten. Even a single drop of blood left in our veins is a testament to our patriotism.

The sight itself started to say, there is nothing greater than the eyes. It was then that my heart spoke these words.

Some are intoxicated by the arrival of the tricolor, some are intoxicated by the pride of our motherland. We will wave this flag everywhere, as it represents the glory of Hindustan!

Some feel intoxicated by the arrival of the tricolor flag, while others are filled with pride for their motherland. We will proudly wave this flag everywhere we go.

When you open your eyes, let it be the land of Hindustan. When you close your eyes, let it still be the land of Hindustan. Even if we die, there should be no sorrow, but…

खूब बहती है अमन की गंगा, बहने दोमत फैलाओ देश में दंगा, रहने दोलाल हरे रंग में ना बांटों हमको,

गूँज रहा है दुनिया में भारत का नगारा,चमक रहा आसमान में देश का सितारा!आज़ादी के दिन आओ मिलके करें,दुआ की बुलंदी पर लहराता रहे तिरंगा हमारा !!

When you open your eyes, let it be the land of Hindustan. When you close your eyes, let it still be the land of Hindustan. Even if we die, there should be no sorrow, but only love for our country.

Salute this tricolor flag, which represents your pride. Always keep its head held high.

In this world, we come across many lovers, but none can be as beautiful as the love for our nation. Money and gold may accompany some in their deathbeds, but it cannot compare to the beauty of sacrificing oneself for the country.

Independence Day Shayari in Hindi

I desire only a healthy nation filled with peace, not material wealth or possessions. As long as I am alive, I will strive for the betterment of my motherland.

We will never let the evening of freedom fade away, we will not allow the sacrifices of our martyrs to be forgotten. Even a single drop of blood left in our veins carries the essence of patriotism.

We are the protectors of this nation, courageous and fearless. Death does not scare us, as we embrace it with open arms.

On this day, we remember that scene, recalling the patriotism of the martyrs. When we gained independence, it was in exchange for our blood.

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India, our beloved homeland, is superior to all other nations. We are like the nightingales in its beautiful garden, and its mountains are the highest among all. We are the shadow of the sky.

The world is filled with beauty, and its name is precious. It surpasses the boundaries of caste and language, flowing with the stream of patriotism.

Our nation is so precious that no one can abandon it, and our bond with it is unbreakable. Our hearts are united as one, and our lives are intertwined with its existence.

I am a devotee of this country, just like Hanuman is to Lord Rama. Look closely at my heart, it bears the mark of patriotism.

Our hearts are united, and our lives belong to one nation. India is our pride, and we are ready to sacrifice everything for it. We will give up our lives if needed, for the sake of our beloved country.

Do not ask the world what my story is, our identity is just this much.

What to write on August 15th?

Practical advice or examples:

2) Participate in local events or gatherings commemorating Independence Day.

3) Engage in discussions with family members or friends about the significance of this day.

5) Take part in community service activities that promote unity and patriotism.

6) Teach younger generations about the importance of freedom through stories or interactive sessions.

7) Support initiatives that empower marginalized communities and promote inclusivity in society.

8) Exercise your right to vote and actively participate in the democratic process.

9) Show respect for the national flag and anthem during ceremonies or public events.

10) Embrace diversity and foster harmony among different cultures, religions, and languages within India.

Patriotic Shayari for 15th August Independence Day

We sacrifice our blood to write the story, O my beloved country. With a smile, we offer our youth, O my beloved country. There is no personal desire in our hearts, but this plea remains only.

Salute to those who bravely faced the gallows and sacrificed their lives for our nation.

India, the land of our mother, holds the highest regard and pride. We bow our heads in reverence before you.

Those who have left the holy river Ganga behind will now long for water, as they have abandoned the tricolor flag in pursuit of green flags.

The sight witnessed by the elderly is a scene where the tricolor flag stands above all religions and castes. In my country, India, democracy is known by the name of Bharat.

Leave behind the discussions of yesterday, for they are now in the past. In this new era, we shall create a fresh narrative together.

We are free, and we will never let anyone snatch away this freedom. We will never allow the pride of our tricolor flag to fade away. Anyone who looks towards India will be filled with awe and admiration.

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They displayed great courage, higher than the Himalayas, with heads held high and never bowing down to anyone. They selflessly dedicated everything for the sake of their motherland.

We were given the breeze of freedom, and we were gifted with a sky of independence. Salutations to those brave warriors who made this possible.

The three colors of the flag are enough to make my life colorful. O God, I desire nothing else.

How to give greetings on 15th August?

In simpler words, it means that India belongs to us and we take pride in it. We are ready to give up our lives for the nation because of our love and dedication towards it. Therefore, we proudly proclaim that India is a magnificent country. The message concludes by sending warm wishes on the occasion of Independence Day.

Shayari on Independence Day

Hatred is not good, do not nurture it. It creates unrest in hearts, so eliminate it. Neither yours nor mine, neither theirs nor ours.

This day is a prideful one, it holds great significance for the motherland. The bloodshed shall not go in vain.

Keep reminding the winds of this, keep the lamps burning bright! We have protected it with our blood.

The slogan of “Jai Hind” is echoing around the world, and our tricolor flag is shining in the sky.

I pray to God to write my destiny in such a way that no matter what, I am able to create my own path.

My country is the greatest, known for its love and unity. It is a land where everyone sacrifices for the sake of their nation.

A little taste is needed in the blandness, a bit of chaos is inherent. If not victory, then death should be considered.

I am like Hanuman, this country is my Ram. Look at my chest, it bears witness to that.

Why is 15th August celebrated?


– This day marks a fresh start for every Indian.

– It signifies the end of over 200 years under British colonization.

– August 15, 1947 is remembered as an auspicious day in history.

– On this day, India achieved freedom from British imperialism.

15th August Patriotic Shayari in English for India

They burned, they said,

The wings of freedom.

Living is only to live for it.

Everyone loves someone and is willing to die for their beloved, but have you ever tried making your country your beloved?

कुछ तो बात है इस देश कीमिट्टी में यारों सरहदे कूद केआते हैं आतंकी भी यहाँ

One day, I started weaving dreams in my mind and stumbled upon a beautiful dupatta.

May our tricolor always wave high, India is the best nation in the world.

Even after death, our brave soldiers are known for their courage.

Top 15 August Desh Bhakti Shayari – Celebrate Independence Day with Joyful Shayaris in 2023.

Independence Day of How Many Countries on August 15th?

1. South Korea: On 15th August, South Korea commemorates its liberation from Japanese colonial rule in 1945. This day is known as Gwangbokjeol, meaning “the day the light returned.” It symbolizes the restoration of sovereignty and marks a significant milestone in Korean history.

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3. Republic of Congo: Also known as Congo-Brazzaville or simply Congo, this African nation gained independence from France on 15th August 1960. The Congolese people commemorate this historic event with festivities such as music concerts, dance performances, exhibitions highlighting national achievements, and sports competitions.

5.Tuvalu: Tuvalu is an island nation located in the Pacific Ocean which achieved independence from Britain on October1st1958.However,the country celebrates its Independence Day along with Fiji,on October10thin order to coincide with Fiji’s celebration.The festivities include flag-raising ceremonies,dance performances,sporting events,and cultural activities reflecting Tuvaluan traditions

What is the slogan for August 15, 2023?

Freedom Day 2023: Short Slogans

Decorated with P.S., this message emphasizes not only the celebration but also encourages introspection about what independence truly means to each one of us.

What is the slogan of freedom?

Independence Day holds great significance as it marks the day when India gained its freedom after years of British rule. It symbolizes the triumph of courage, sacrifice, and unity among Indians who fought relentlessly for their rights. This auspicious occasion is commemorated with various activities such as flag hoisting ceremonies, parades showcasing cultural diversity, patriotic songs and speeches, and fireworks displays.

What is the slogan for August 15th?

Listen, we cannot stop this chant: “We were free, we will remain free!” This slogan by Chandrashekhar Azad is immortal. On 15th August, India celebrates its Independence Day with great enthusiasm and patriotism. It marks the day when India gained freedom from British colonial rule in 1947. This day holds immense significance for every Indian as it symbolizes the hard-fought struggle and sacrifices made by our freedom fighters.

Here are some examples of Desh Bhakti Shayari that can be used on 15th August:

1. “Watan ki mitti se pyaar karo,

Desh ke liye jaan qurbaan karo.

Aajadi ka jashn manao dil se,

Bharat Mata ko salaam karo!”

2. “Sarhadon pe jawano ki khudai hai,

Dil mein deshbhakti ki ag lagai hai.

Azadi ke rang mein rang lo apne sapne,

Hindustan hamara hai yeh samjhai hai.”

3. “Tirange me lipta hua har ek sapna hai,

Apni azadi ko hum sabka armaan hai.

Chalo desh ke liye kaam karein,

15 August ko garv se manayein.”

These shayaris reflect the love, respect, and devotion towards our nation. They serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters and inspire us to work towards the progress and development of India.

On this Independence Day, let us come together as proud Indians and celebrate the spirit of freedom with joy and unity. Jai Hind!