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Best Collection of Friendship Shayari in Hindi for Your Best Friend

I always pray to God that our friendship be as strong and pure as the bond between Krishna and Sudama.

God forgets those who are bound by blood relationships and makes them friends!

It becomes distressing even if they get upset, as they value our friendship more than I do!

Everyone may abandon you, but true friendship, even if broken, reconnects as soon as they meet again!

Those who have pride in themselves are often distant, while true friends readily apologize if they make a mistake.

I enjoy living in his love, sir, because we all have only one day to die anyway!

Finding friends is easy in life, but the one who stands by you till the end is a true friend.

A true friend is someone who stands by us in every situation, even with their eyes closed.

This feeling of loneliness consumes a person, may God never let anyone be separated from their loved ones!

It is possible to sacrifice oneself, even if it means putting your friendship to the test.

Love is uncertain, but a friend is someone who stands by you at all times!

Having a thousand friends is not necessary, only one is needed who stays close to the heart!

Everyone was with their respective family members, and I was alone, giving my friend company!

Shayari for Best Friend: Friendship Shayari in Hindi

It is not the pain of circumstances changing that hurts, but rather the pain of a friend changing.

मैने तेरे सिवा किसी और को दोस्त बनाया ही नही, और कमाल ये भी के तेरे सिवा किसी की जरूरत भी नहीं!

He fulfills all my wishes, even though he is not my mother, but my friend is just like a mother to me!

Friendships are often formed out of necessity, as no one wants to be alone or distant from others.

In the morning, freshness is hard to find, peace can be found but not brightness.

You may come across countless useless things, but finding a friendship like yours is truly rare!

An evening will be dedicated to you, where nothing else but friendship will be celebrated!

It brings immense joy when a friend comes after a long time and talks to us first!

You are true, you are good, but why are you upset? You are my only desire and you are my remedy!

Do not extinguish the burning lamps of friendship, my friend, for sometimes sleep eludes us without the light.

Love fills the empty world, but if you seek peace, make friends!

No matter how someone may be in the world, but some friends are always dear!

Your eyes can never be moist, and our friendship can never diminish!

Shayari for Best Friend in Love

Although my life was completely ruined, he never forgot me, I was remembered by him!

The whole world is held in their hands, two friends have wreaked havoc!

I can fight against all those who love you, but I cannot fight against the one whom you love!

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What is the use of such degrees that even my heart cannot understand?

वो जो थोड़ा सा किसी और का है, मुझे जरा सा भी नही चाहिए!

I was sitting shattered from the world, but when my friend came, we both fell apart.

My life was full of pain, but when I saw you, the world started to look beautiful.

What is tea without a simmer, and what is friendship without laughter!

Love is when someone understands you and that understanding becomes your friend.

Why did we forget to laugh in his memory, laughter will come back again when friends sit together!

Those who meticulously count my mistakes, should also ask themselves whose fault it was when they put their hand on their heart.

अगर कोई साथ ना दे तो उसको याद करना, जो बचपन से तुम्हे अपना दोस्त मानता आया है!

My world is not very big, it consists of only me and my one friend.

Where your mischief is known, our name is known too, my friend!

People are crazy in love, but we are crazy about our friendship with you!

How would you describe your best friend in 100 words?

I am fortunate to have a best friend who loves and cares for me. Whenever I face any kind of trouble, I seek their help and support. They generously give me their time and do everything they can to comfort and make me happy.

Having a true friend is invaluable in life. A good friend not only loves you but also takes care of your well-being. They are there for you during difficult times, offering assistance and solace when needed. Their presence brings joy and positivity into your life.

Practical Advice:

3. Spend quality time together: Allocate dedicated time for bonding activities that both you and your friends enjoy, such as going on outings or engaging in shared hobbies.


A practical example would be organizing a movie night with your best friend where you watch their favorite film together while enjoying some snacks and discussing the plot afterward.

Practical Advice:

3.Be trustworthy: Build trust through honesty, reliability, confidentiality,and keeping promises made within the friendship.


A strong friendship requires effort from both sides. It is essential to cherish and nurture this bond by expressing gratitude, celebrating milestones together, and creating lasting memories. Remembering the value of your friendship will strengthen it even further.

Practical Advice:

2.Celebrate special occasions: Mark important events like birthdays, anniversaries, or achievements with thoughtful gifts or surprises.

3.Create shared experiences: Plan trips or activities that allow you to explore new things together and create unforgettable memories.


An example could be surprising your best friend on their birthday by organizing a small gathering with close friends, decorating the venue according to their preferences,and presenting them with a personalized gift that holds sentimental value.

Best Shayari for Romantic Friendship in Hindi

I have examined my misfortune, the one I called mine is no longer mine!

जलील हुए फिर भी मुस्कुराते रहे, दोस्तो की महफिल की रौनक बनाए रखी!

मैं सोच समझ कर दोस्ती नही करता, बस वैसा बन जाता हु जैसे मेरे दोस्त है!

Even if you come late, do make sure to come, as I want to live a little before dying!

Once, he said that you are my friend, and I never said that I am busy.

Please understand the true meaning of my words and try to comprehend what I am trying to convey.

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My friends always lift me up when I fall, their determination is greater than life itself!

The ones who used to cherish my laughter until yesterday, now do not even care about my tears.

Can friendship turn into love?

Friendship can be formed with anyone, regardless of their age, caste, financial status or gender. However, sometimes a friendship between two individuals of different genders can deepen and turn into love. The bond of friendship between a boy and a girl has the potential to transform into a romantic relationship.

Best Friendship Shayari for Your Best Friend

अपना सब कुछ तुमपर इसलिए लुटाया, के तुम्हे मेरे सिवा किसी और की जरूरत ना पड़े!

He had such wonderful thoughts about his best friend, all his friends were amazing to him!

Her life was filled with love, and her friends were even more precious to her!

No matter how sad life may be, everything becomes better when we meet our friends.

Her face was so lovely, I could see the same friend in every picture!

Make it a point to meet me alone, as the world has started getting jealous of our friendship!

I have a bunch of friends who shine like lightning, and they are no one but my four or five close buddies!

Whenever you find the time, come and visit us. We make friends with everyone!

No one in this world can do what a friend does for you. A friend always has the strength to go through it all!

Take off the mask and look at my face, I am still the same as yesterday!

How can I find the best friend?

To break it down further:

1. Find like-minded local groups: Search for small communities or organizations around your area where people have similar interests as yours.

2. Explore shared hobbies: Look for these groups within places like libraries or community colleges, which offer activities related to the things you enjoy.

Heartwarming Friendship Shayari that Touches the Soul

I realized the importance of friendship when my friend called me his own.

Our friendship is so strong that I am willing to do anything for you!

He can stop me from attending my own funeral, he is not just a lover but my true friend!

People also say that friendship is a tricky thing, but tell them to look at how someone comes forward during tough times!

Friendship has a simple formula – be there for your friend when they need you, and they will do the same for you in times of trouble.

Always stand by that friend who is ready to go anywhere with you without asking any questions!

It is not the act of doing something bad that makes someone truly bad, but rather those who force others to do wrong.

No matter what the outcome may be, if it is a friendship, then it will always be there at every turn.

मंजिल किसी की मोहताज नहीं है दोस्त, जब आएगी तो आंखे खोले रखना!

Even if they never speak to me, their memories still come to my mind in every gathering I attend.

If all problems were solved by being alone, then there would be nothing like friendship created by the higher power!

No matter how sad someone may be, but when there are friends around, the atmosphere changes.

Our friendship is like the bond between the moon and stars, without which there would be no brightness.

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मंजिलें बोहोत बड़ी है, मगर मेरे दोस्त के हौसले से ज्यादा नही!

He asks such dangerous questions, but when it comes to friendship, there is no need to answer.

Everything looks beautiful with the weather, but what is the use of that weather if you are not there!

अकेला मत रहा कर ए दोस्त, तेरे लिए दुनिया की सारी हदें पार कर दूंगा!

If you truly want to experience love and affection, then embrace friendship wholeheartedly.

I express gratitude to God for creating the remedy of all sorrows and pains in the form of friendship.

In true friendship, there is something special – arguments and fights only exist between two people!

Speaking ill of someone is not my habit, sir. Let God keep everyone the way they are!

Love may come and go, but the feeling of friendship never dies.

If life ever becomes difficult, come back after wandering far away with your friends!

If someone gets angry upon hearing even a slight criticism from you, understand that they are your true friend!

मेरे साथ बुरा होता है इसकी परवाह नहीं, हर वक्त मेरे साथ मेरे दोस्त खड़े है!

Best Shayari for a Close Friend in Hindi, Heartfelt Friendship Poetry

Those who envy our friendship have done all sorts of things to come between us.

But we were also friends like a lotus, never disgracing our friendship!

They were such wonderful childhood friends who made me feel bigger by giving me little moments of happiness!

There are numerous challenges in life, but the only solution to them is friendship.

I have to go somewhere else without looking back, when someone calls a friend, I cannot stay with them.

Life has already rejected me, my friend. But those who have embraced me are my true friends!

No matter how quiet the evening may be, it becomes incredibly beautiful when spent with friends!

Every happiness is found when they are near, some people are so special in life!

Walk with true friends, and they will naturally start giving you their support!

If loneliness makes you extremely sad, then sit with a friend and reminisce about childhood memories.

I can sacrifice a thousand relationships, but I cannot lose even one friend!

I am unaware of how someone is, but if they talk to me with a smile, I consider them as my friend.

These dark times will pass, my friend. Come with me until the dawn breaks!

No matter what the weather is like, life feels incomplete without a friend by your side!

असमान चुने की हसरत नही है बस इतना हो की दोस्तो की उदासी दूर कर सकू!

Love may bring passion, but friendship brings tranquility.

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What is Friendship Shayari?

Shayari written for friends is known as Friendship Shayari, which encompasses all the emotions of love, pain, and betrayal that are experienced in friendship.

Which is the Best Friendship Shayari in Hindi?

A true friend is someone who never betrays their friendship.

Benefits of Friendship Shayari

The emotions you have for your friends in your heart are expressed through friendship shayari.