Shayari for Love

Pyar Ke Liye Shayari

Love is the reason to live in this world, as money and fame can only satisfy a person for a limited time. Those who are alone always feel that if only someone like them could be around, whom they could love endlessly and who would shower their love on them day and night, making their life complete. But not everyone is fortunate enough to have such a person. If you want to attract someone with beautiful poetry, then this article provides you with some amazing love-filled shayari for girlfriends. So read this post until you find the shayari of your choice.

Shayari filled with love

True love is like a prisoner in jail, where even if the years pass by, the punishment is never complete.

Today, let me tell you something, I want to share the feelings of my heart with you. I will always stay close to you and if you wish, I will become a heartbeat in your chest and reside there.

It feels incomplete without you, and I realize the depth of love through your presence.

People often ask me why I write shayari, as if they have never seen a mirror before.

The journey extends as long as you are there, and my sight is fixed on the same point where you exist. I have seen countless flowers in this garden, but their fragrance lingers only where you are present.

A smile spreads across my face, and a sense of joy fills my eyes when you call me yours. I feel proud of myself when you express your love for me.

I will release you from my embrace after hearing the punishment of getting lost in my arms for so long.

I want to share the thoughts of my heart with you, leaving behind all worries and concerns of the world. Let me sit close to you and express myself.

If I could just touch you, so that people can believe that my love for you is real. People say that I am in love with a shadow.

Which is the best romantic message?

You had control over where we were headed and how we would get there.

We need to pay more attention to our surroundings and appreciate the small moments.

Practical advice/example:

Shayari filled with love in Hindi

Sometimes I forget words, sometimes I forget conversations. I love you so much that I could even forget my own identity. Sometimes, as I walk away from you, I wish to leave behind myself and stay close to you forever.

Like the fragrance that spreads around, they will seep into your heart like tranquility. Try to feel it, even from a distance they will appear before you.

Who needs a veil for your beauty? Who remains conscious after seeing you?

The weather is strange, flowers are placed at every step of mine. The angel of love walks alongside in the journey of love. When I fall asleep, keep your lips on my eyes, surely it will come true; even beneath my eyelids, my heart beats.

हक़ीक़त ना सही तुम ख़्वाब बन कर मिला करो भटके मुसाफिर को चांदनी रात बनकर मिला करो

We wait for you in every season like the weather, but you cannot understand how much we love you. We swear to love you until the end of time.

Be the necklace of my arms, be the sparkle in my eyes. Be the heartbeat of this heart, be the fragrance of my breath. Just become the desire of this heart every moment without any reason.

Those who yearn for the beauty of Benazir are sitting restlessly, longing to catch a glimpse of her. They have been guilty for centuries, eagerly waiting to be adorned by her delicate hands.

I want to bring you even closer to me than ever before, so close that my heart still yearns for you even when I keep you in it.

Spread my hair on your face one day, why do you thunder and rain every day? Pass by like the fragrance, scatter over me from the alley of my heart like flowers one day.

You are unaware of how lovely you are, but you hold a special place in my heart. Distance does not make a difference, as you were mine yesterday and continue to be today.

You are the sparkle in my eyes, the pride of my eyelashes. You are the smile on my face, the happiness on my lips. My heart beats only for you, how can I not say that you are my life?

Neither you are conscious nor am I conscious, love me in such a way that it drives me crazy.

We will do something special in your love, we will become fragrance and spread in the air. If you want to forget, then hold your breath or else if you inhale, it will enter into your heart.

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Romantic Shayari for Love in Hindi

You are the dreams of my eyes, the desires of my heart. You are the only one who defines me, you are my identity. If I am the ground, then you are my sky. Believe me, for me, you are the entire world.

If only you could enter my existence, I would look into the mirror and see you in my reflection.

I desire a few more moments with you, and I long for the rain that got trapped in your eyes. I have heard that she loves me a lot, but I want her to express it once from her own lips.

ख़ामोश रात में सितारे नई होते उदास आँखों में रंगीन नज़ारे नई होते हम कभी ना करते याद आपको अगर आप इतने प्यारे ना होते

I want to embrace you in such a way that even the wind seeks permission to pass by. I want to be intoxicated in your love in such a way that even consciousness asks for permission to return.

You have stolen every moment of mine, showed my eyes a dream. Someone else gave me life, but you taught me how to live in love.

There is an evening that comes with your memories and there is an evening that goes by, reminding me of you. But what I truly long for is the anticipation of that evening when you will come along with it.

Love is not based on appearance, it comes from the heart. Their appearance automatically becomes beautiful to those who hold them dear in their hearts.

Even in silence with you, our conversations are complete. My entire world is fulfilled by you, in you, and for you.

Romantic Shayari for Love

Your face resembles beautiful roses, and seeing you gives me more intoxication than drinking.

We had asked for love by extending our hand, but the beloved kissed it and took away our life.

जाने उस शख्स को कैसा ये हुनर आता है रात होती है तो आँखों में उतर आता है मैं उस के ख्यालों से बच के कहाँ जाऊं वो मेरी सोच के हर रस्ते पे नजर आता है

The love that we had for each other still exists, and the desire for the shadow of your hair still remains.

I have adorned your name on my lips, and I have embraced your soul in my heart. The world will go crazy searching for you, as I have hidden you in a corner of my mad heart.

Shayari filled with love for girlfriend | Love-filled shayari for your beloved

I longed to die a hundred times, drowning in the gaze of their eyes. Every time, they would lower their gaze and not even let me die.

In a thousand nights, there is that one special night when I catch a glimpse of them looking towards me. For me, that moment becomes the entire universe.

You quietly enter this heart and become the fragrance in my breath. The magic of your love has taken over me, and you are the only one who appears to me while I am awake or asleep.

We search for reasons without any cause, this heart is restless to come to you. It cannot extinguish the desire to make you a part of its heartbeat. This thirsty heart does not know when it will find peace, for your crazy lover.

Shayari filled with love | Urdu poetry of love

Should I present evidence from books or reveal myself in front of them, they have asked me, who is love?

We desire to drink from the depths of their gaze, we long to live within the shelter of their embrace, we yearn to walk on the path they tread, and we wish to die in the warmth of their arms.

I had simply mentioned that we have been longing for years, and he silenced me by placing his lips on mine.

तेरी हर अदा मोहब्बत सी लगती है पल भर की जुदाई सदियों सी लगती है पता नहीं क्यों जिंदगी में हर पल तेरी जरुरत सी लगती है

Your love has brought spring into my life, before you came every day felt like autumn.

How to Express Love through Poetry?


2. A heart that fails to demonstrate loyalty holds no value; may I never be able to forget you even if God allows it.

3. Your love will continue to be an integral part of my existence; whether or not life remains faithful is a separate issue.

Shayari filled with love for boyfriend/husband in Hindi

I desire to lose myself in the depth of your eyes, and tonight I want to sleep with you in my arms. Breaking all boundaries, I want to make you mine completely today.

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As soon as I catch sight of a beautiful face, my heart starts fluttering, fearing that it may not fall into any trouble and distress.

I will adorn your picture in the marble palace, my beloved. I will decorate your dreams in my heart. Experience it today and see how I immerse myself in your heart. I am thirsty for love, and I will embrace you in my arms.

The destination that used to seem distant has now become closer, as your touch has changed the direction of the wind. It feels like a lamp has ignited on my path.

Perhaps it was the fragrance of the night queen that she spread during the day, which is why maybe the city slept and your scent arrived.

What is the meaning of love? ❤

Love is a noun that encompasses various aspects of affection and attachment towards someone. It involves having deep emotions and a strong sense of devotion to individuals. This feeling is characterized by tenderness, warmth, and care for the person or persons involved.

Expressing love can take different forms depending on the situation and cultural context. It can be shown through verbal communication, such as saying “I love you” or using endearing terms like “darling” or “sweetheart.” Non-verbal expressions like hugs, kisses, holding hands, or even small acts of kindness also convey love effectively.

Similarly, expressing love within families is crucial for maintaining healthy relationships. Spending quality time together strengthens family bonds; it could involve activities like cooking meals together or engaging in shared hobbies. Offering support during challenging times helps create an environment where everyone feels loved and cared for.

Ultimately, love should extend beyond personal relationships to encompass compassion towards others in society as well. Acts of kindness towards strangers—such as volunteering at local charities or helping those in need—can spread positivity and foster a more loving community overall.

Shayari filled with love for girlfriend in Hindi

This journey of darkness cannot be overcome by us, now the evening is approaching, hold my hand.

They remained the center of attention with their charm until they were by our side, but we are no longer there.

The allure of her intoxicating presence is indescribable; no matter how much you try to divert your gaze, it always falls upon her.

You should call me sometimes with all your heart or through your eyes, as the difficulties of lips are meant for the world.

What is the meaning of love thoughts?

Practical advice/example:

Expressing your feelings through heartfelt quotes can strengthen your relationship with your partner significantly! Take inspiration from romantic quotes like this one to convey your emotions effectively.

For instance:

“I often find myself gazing at the night sky,

And amidst all those stars shining so high,

Shayari filled with love | Urdu poetry full of affection

My heart longs to see you, it yearns for you in anticipation. How can I explain the innocence of my heart that beats only for you, even when it is mine?

Every day, they come to me in my dreams, longing for an embrace. When I sleep, fate wakes up beside me.

I wish that one desire could be fulfilled, without the need for worship, and they come and embrace me without my permission.

Sit in front of me, and you will feel a sense of peace. The more I see you, the more love I will have for you.

You are essential to me. You are my habit, and all I desire is to call out your name. You are my love.

Shayari filled with love in Hindi

I wish to become time, and you become a moment. I want to pass through you, and you pass through me.

We will love everything about you, trust every word of yours. Just tell me once that you belong only to me, and I will wait for you all my life.

Your face holds the stories of my evenings, silently asking for the prayer of love that I have longed for.

Experience the spark of love by lighting the candle of affection and witness how it illuminates the world within your heart. Before declaring that you are not capable of love, try meeting our gaze and see what happens.

Do you have a desire or is it just an infatuation that has filled your heart? Will you ever remember someone whom you have truly loved?

Shayari filled with love | A heartfelt shayari for love | Love-filled SMS

तन्हाइयों में मुस्कुराना इश्क़ है एक बात को सब से छुपाना इश्क़ है यूँ तो नींद नहीं आती हमें रात भर मगर सोते-सोते जागना और जागते-जागते सोना ही इश्क़ है

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I would gladly make your evenings more beautiful with my love, dedicating it solely to you. If I get another chance at life, I will always live it for you.

It feels as if you have never been seen before, every time I look at you.

बस यू ही मेरे मुस्कराने की! तुम वजह बने रहना जिंदगी में न सही! मगर मेरी जिंदगी बने रहना

Romantic Shayari for Love in Hindi | Heartfelt Hindi Shayari for Girlfriend

I often forget the things I need to remember about you, and sometimes fail to express what my heart holds for you. Every day, I intend to touch your lips but end up forgetting. When I catch a glimpse of you, the world around me fades away from my mind.

It is acceptable to stay awake all night, immersed in your memories and feelings. The pleasure that exists there cannot be found in sleep.

Oh rain, please slow down and pour when my friend arrives. Let it rain heavily before they come so that they cannot make it, but then let it pour even more so that they cannot leave.

I want to kiss your lips and make your restless eyes mine for the entire night.

If this heart keeps tormenting like this, one day it will cease to exist. I leave my heart with you and it will keep reminding you of me.

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How to praise a girlfriend?

Lastly, he compliments her physical appearance by comparing her beauty to that of a radiant moon with lustrous golden hair. This comparison highlights not only her external charm but also emphasizes her inner glow and elegance.

What happens after falling in love?

Pyar Ke Liye Shayari is a form of expression that captures the essence of love through poetry or shayaris. It is a popular way for individuals to convey their feelings and emotions towards their loved ones. These shayaris are often romantic, heartfelt, and beautifully crafted verses that touch the hearts of both the sender and receiver.

The beauty of Pyar Ke Liye Shayari lies in its ability to evoke emotions and create a sense of intimacy between two individuals. It allows lovers to express their deepest desires, affection, longing, or even heartbreak through words that resonate with their souls. Whether it is written on paper or shared verbally, Pyar Ke Liye Shayari has become an integral part of expressing love in Indian culture.

– Falling in love leads people to share their thoughts and feelings.

– Pyar Ke Liye Shayari is a form of expression using poetic verses.

– It helps convey emotions towards loved ones.

– These shayaris create intimacy between individuals by touching hearts.

– Pyar Ke Liye Shayari plays an essential role in expressing love within Indian culture.

How is the beginning of love initiated?

How does love begin? Love is usually a feeling that one person has towards another. This word carries such positive energy that it provides us with mental and internal happiness. Sometimes, love can also be challenging to identify as it comes in four different forms: familial, friendship, romantic desire, and divine love.

In India, people express their feelings of love through various means like poetry or shayari. Pyar ke liye shayari is a form of poetic expression used to convey emotions related to love. It consists of beautifully crafted verses that capture the essence of affection, longing, passion, and devotion.

Here are some popular examples of pyar ke liye shayari:

1. “Tumse milne ki tamanna hai dil mein,

Tere pyaar mein khoya hoon main.

Teri yaadon se bhara hai ye jahan,

Bas tujhko paane ki chahat hai meri.”

2. “Dil ko chhu jane wali muskurahat ho tum,

Meri zindagi ka ek ehsaas ho tum.

Har pal mere saath rehte ho tum,

Pyar ke rang mein rang gaya hai yeh dum.”

3. “Teri baatein hain madhur saugat si,

Teri muskurahat hai mithas ki baarish.

Tu hi meri duniya ka sabse anmol sitara,

Tera pyaar mujhe jeene ka sahara.”

4. “Mohabbat karke dekho kisi se agar,

Dil ko sukoon milega har lamha.

Pyar ke rangon se saja lo apni duniya ko,

Khushiyan bhar do har pal apne armaano se.”

5. “Tumhari aankhon mein chamak hai,

Tumhare chehre pe muskurahat hai.

Pyar ke liye shayari likhti hoon main,

Kyunki tum mere dil ki kahaani ho.”