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Mata Pita Par Shayari

Maa Baap Shayari in Hindi : हमारे जीवन में सबसे बड़ी भूमिका माता पिता निभाते हैं, हर कदम पर माता पिता हमारी मदद करते हैं, माता पिता हमारे लिए भगबान का दिया हुआ सबसे कीमती उपहार है, जिन्होंने जीवन भर कठिन परिश्रम कर हमे पढ़ाया लिखाया, आज हमारा फर्ज बनता है की अपने माता पिता सम्मान करें उनके साथ हर बो ख़ुशी का पल बिताये जो बो चाहते हैं । उनको हर वह खुसी दें जो आपको आपके माता पिता ने दी है । इसलिए आज की पोस्ट में माता पिता पर शायरी , Maa Baap Shayari in Hindi , Mom Dad Quotes in Hindi, Maa Baap Shayari Status Hindi का बेहतरीन सग्र्हन लाये है जो आपक को बहुत पसंद आएगा ।

What happens with the blessings of parents?

Listening to it, the blessings of parents bring relief from sorrows. The blessings of parents accompany us. You too bow down and see, the threads of your wishes will be fulfilled. Prayers turn every sorrow into happiness.


2. Parental blessings are supportive.

3. Bowing down brings fulfillment of desires.

Top Shayari for Parents

Always remember the blessings of a mother and the love of a father, my friends. They are never wasted or useless in any way.

I have never seen God, but I am confident that He must be like my mother.

The foundation on which my feet stand strong is not just any ordinary ground, but the shoulders of my father.

Parents cry only twice in their lives, when their daughter leaves home and when their son turns his face away.

You are my world, the greatest identity for me. If a mother is like the earth, then fathers are like the entire sky for me.

In this world, only parents can love selflessly. 😘 Love You Mom and Dad 😘.

Respect and wealth will be earned, serve your parents and you will attain heaven.

I have witnessed many calm individuals who, disregarding their own happiness, take pleasure in enriching my life. They aspire to turn all my dreams into reality.

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Shayari for Parents in Hindi

No matter how good someone may be, no one can fulfill the absence of a mother. 😘 Love you, Mom 😘

वह माँ ही है जिसके रहते, जिंदगी में कोई गम नहीं होता, दुनिया साथ दे या ना दे पर, माँ का प्यार कभी कम नहीं होता.

Hold the hands of your parents, there will be no need to grab the feet of others.

There is no need for you to perform any religious rituals if you have already served and taken care of your parents.

Do not use the sharpness of your tongue against the mother who taught you how to speak.

Win the hearts of your parents and you will become successful, otherwise, even if you conquer the world, you will still feel defeated.

I wish to have this desire fulfilled, that I find the same place again, the same lap and the same mother.

In our homes, everyone shows their love openly, but there are some who shower so much love without even expressing it. They are my parents.

Shayari on Parents

I consider myself complete because of them, after God, I only know my parents.

When my parents place their hands on my head, I feel empowered. It is in the feet of my mother and father that I find heaven.

When the scorching sun of life fell on my head, I realized how essential it is to have the support and guidance of our parents.

As the leaves dry up, trees let go of them. Similarly, as parents grow old, children break relationships.

Whether a father is rich or poor, he is always like a king for his children.

Whether or not you achieve your goals, do not disregard the desires of your parents as insignificant.

There is no need to worship and recite scriptures for someone who has served their own parents. 😘 Love You Mom Dad 😘.

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A home where parents are not valued, there can never be any prosperity. How can I write a poem for my parents when they themselves have made me into a poet?

Parents are the individuals whose debt cannot be repaid even by their own children, as they have sacrificed so much for them.

Parents are so engrossed in the concern of raising their children to become good human beings that they do not even find time to think about their own death.

No matter whether our own dreams come true or not, we should never let the dreams of our parents go in vain.

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What to write about dad?

Listening to these words of encouragement from my father fills me with determination and motivates me to keep pushing forward in life. His guidance is unparalleled; no one else can provide such valuable advice and support as he does. As children, we learn countless virtues from our fathers that become essential tools for navigating through various situations throughout our lives.

My father possesses an endless reservoir of wisdom that he selflessly shares with us at all times. He imparts his knowledge not only through words but also by setting examples in his own actions and decisions. His experiences serve as invaluable lessons for us, helping us make informed choices and face challenges head-on.

How can I make my father happy?

2. Cook his favorite meal: Surprise your dad by preparing his favorite dish or cooking a special meal for him. It could be breakfast in bed or a delicious dinner at home.

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3. Outdoor activities: If your dad enjoys outdoor activities, plan a fun-filled day of hiking, cycling, or playing sports together. It will not only keep you active but also create lasting memories.

5. Write heartfelt poetry: Express your love through shayari (poetry) dedicated to your father. Write down meaningful verses that convey gratitude and appreciation for all he has done for you.

6.Give him relaxation time: Arrange for spa vouchers or book an appointment at his favorite wellness center where he can unwind and rejuvenate himself.

7.Plan a surprise outing: Organize an unexpected trip to one of his preferred destinations or take him out for lunch/dinner at his desired restaurant as per current safety guidelines.

Remember that the most important thing is showing love and appreciation towards our fathers every single day!

Difference between Mom and Dad

Mata Pita Par Shayari serves as a medium to acknowledge the selfless love provided by parents throughout our journey from childhood to adulthood. It celebrates their unwavering support during challenging times while recognizing the immense responsibility they shoulder in shaping our lives.

This article will present a collection of heartfelt shayaris dedicated to both mothers and fathers, highlighting the significance of this beautiful bond between parents and children. Whether it is reminiscing about cherished memories or expressing admiration for parental dedication, these shayaris encapsulate the essence of Mata Pita Par Shayari in touching ways that resonate with readers across India.

Why do parents kill their children?

– Parents scold and punish their children in order to bring about improvement in them.

– Even if a child is intellectually sound, their wisdom may not be developed enough to understand the consequences of their actions.

– Parents always remain attentive to explain things to their children because they want them to excel in every aspect.