Translation of Shayari into English

Shayari Word In English

Originally Answered: What is the English word of shayari? The word is used frequently both in Urdu and Hindi languages. The word “Shayari” means “ poetry ” in English.

English Shayari in India

If your thoughts were not so beautiful, we would have never met. We yearn for true friends like you, without whom our friendship would not exist.

They fail to understand the language of our eyes, our lips cannot express everything, how can we convey the constraints of our heart? There are some without whom we cannot live.

Gradually, I have started to believe in you. Gradually, I am getting closer to you. Though hesitant to give my heart away, slowly I am learning to value your heart.

I am currently not feeling this emotion in my heart, and only my heart knows how special you are to me. Slowly, I will start realizing the absence of your presence when you come to mind every moment, with every breath.

There is sadness hidden in smiling hearts, sometimes even teary eyes. We pray that your laughter never stops because we are also fans of your smile.

English Shayari

The fate of those who love is often unfortunate, as they always face extreme challenges. When time allows, take a look at the book of relationships. Friendship surpasses all other bonds and is truly remarkable.

Memories are often created to torment us, someone gets upset and then reconciles just for the sake of it, maintaining relationships may not be difficult, all it takes is love in our hearts to fulfill that commitment.

It is not necessary for someone to be a symbol of love, or exceptionally beautiful, in order for them to have true love. True love is when they are there for you when you need them the most.

English Poetry in India

Yuhi Kisi ki Yaad Me Rona Fizul Hai, Itne Anmol Aasu Khona Fizul Hai, Rona To Unke Liye Jo Hum Pe Nisar Hai, Unke Liye Kya Rona Jinke Ashiq Hazar Hai

Do not shy away from living in love, if you lack courage, then do not love. Life is not more precious than love; our life exists solely for the sake of love.

Pyaar Naa Aata Tha Tu ne Sikha Diya, Tadpe Na The Tu ne Tadpa Diya, Udaas Rehne Lage Hein ab Roye Na The Kabhi Tu ne Rula Diya

May your gaze not be aware of the gazes around, May no one appear as good as you are, I have only seen you through that glance, The same glance that may never see you.

Maana Ki Naseeb Mein Mere Koi Sanam Nahi, Fir Bhi Koi Shikwa Koi Gam Nahi, Tanha The Aur Tanha Jiye Jaa Rahe Hai, Badnasib To Wo Hai Jinke Nasib Mein Hum Nahi

English Shayari for India

In the depths of your hatred, my love cannot be erased by any means. This is not a game of love that can be played with laughter today and forgotten in tears tomorrow.

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What is the point of living if we live without forgetting? If there is strength, then show it by holding on. Write your love story on stones and tell the ocean that if there is strength, then erase it.

Ladki ki Hansi par aur kutte ki Khamosi per kabhi bharosa nahi karna chahiye

Haal e dil ae dilbar hum tujhe kaise kahe, Jo dard hai dil me use kaise sahe, Rone se teri tasveer kahin mit na jaye, par Jab dard hai dil me to ashk kaise na bahen

How close or far we are from each other, only God knows how helpless we are. Our punishment is that we cannot meet you, our sin is that we are innocent.

What is the meaning of Shayari?

The meaning and definition of “Sune Rokey Shayari” in Hindi is the act or expression of creating poetry or emotion. Poetry. Poem.


1. Definition and significance of “Sune Rokey Shayari”

2. The purpose of expressing emotions through poetry in Hindi

3. The art form known as “Kavya

English Verses in India

I have such a strong desire to get drenched in the rain. Just look into my eyes. Rain falls for everyone, but these eyes only pour for you.

Gahri thi raat lekin hum khoye nahi, Dard bahut tha dil mein lekin hum roye nahi, Koi nahi hamara jo puchhe humse, Jag rahe ho kisi ke liye ya kisi ke liye soye hi nahi

What did love bring for a lifetime, I have shed tears every day for someone, They kept celebrating happiness with others, While I yearned for just one smile.

Tumko chupa rakha hai in palkon mein, par inko yeh batana nahi aaya, sote mein bhi jag jati palkein meri, palkon ko abhi tak dard chhupana nahi aaya

Someone please bring back my happiness, Someone please make me smile with my own lips, There is a lot of pain in my life, Someone please become a medicine and erase this pain.

English Shayari: Expressing Emotions in India

I am feeling sad, but I am not angry with you. I exist in your heart, but I am not physically present with you. Although I have everything, nothing is as special as someone like you.

We do not fear bearing pain, but we hope for its end. No matter how intense the pain may be, it is important that those who inflict it realize its impact.

Leaving the world behind is easy, but it becomes difficult to leave your beloved. Sometimes, breaking two hearts becomes necessary for the happiness of society.

Our audacity lies in the fact that we form connections with everyone. People say my heart is made of stone, but hey friend, there are also some who shatter it.

Majboor mohabbat jataa na sake, Zakham khate rahe kisi ko bata na sake, Chahton ke hadh tak chaha use Sirf, apna dil nikal kar use bata na sake

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What do we call someone who writes poetry?

Poetry is not just about writing rhyming lines; it goes beyond that. It involves using language creatively, playing with words, and exploring different literary devices like metaphors and similes. A poet uses their imagination and creativity to bring life to their poetry, making it relatable and impactful for readers or listeners.

Being a poet requires having a deep understanding of human emotions and experiences. They often draw inspiration from personal experiences, observations of the world around them, or even historical events. Through their poems, poets can capture moments of joy or sadness, express love or heartbreaks, share social messages or philosophical insights.

Expressing Emotions in India: English Shayari

We are not the stars of our own heaven in the sky, but you belong to us while we do not belong to you. We have embarked on a small boat and entered that ocean where there are no shores in sight for miles.

I wish I could have ruled over their hearts, just like they loved me before. I am not saddened by their betrayal, I only wished to take pride in my own love.

Loneliness kept settling in my heart, fate kept showing its game. In the fragrance of the blooming air, I saw glimpses of love and it only brought back memories that made me cry.

The delicacy of the weather, the desires have called out, How to say how much we miss, This text is a sign of that same memory.

Often when we remember them, we pray to our God for the same thing. We wish that they also age with us because we love them more than ourselves.

Will you remember the bygone era one day, when the time comes for us to never return? Someone will mention our presence in a gathering, while you will shed tears of loneliness.

I have become crazy in your love. I no longer care about myself, as I have become detached from my own existence.

If you smile at the moment when you are completely broken, then believe me, no one in this world can break you.

Humanity is a valuable treasure that should always be sought within individuals, not just in their appearances.

I had received a heart from nature that sacrificed itself for you, and even if I had received thousands more, they would still be devoted to you.

English Shayari 2023! Top English Hinglish Shayari Styles. Transform this text into your own words, without elaborating on the subject matter. Write in Indian English.

What is the English term for someone who speaks poetry?

इसे सुनेंरोकेंशायर MEANING IN ENGLISH – EXACT MATCHES Usage : he is a gifted poet.

What is the Hindi word for poetry?

Poetry is the art form in which a story or emotion is expressed creatively through language. The history and perception of poetry in India are very ancient, with its origins traced back to Bharat Muni.

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Which language is Shayari in?

P.S: Shayari is not just limited to the Urdu language; it has gained popularity worldwide for its artistic beauty and profound meaning. Its impact can be felt beyond linguistic boundaries as people appreciate its essence in different languages including English.

Why is poetry written?

Top Love Shayari:

1. Your love has filled my life with joy and happiness; you are the reason for my smile every day.

2. In your eyes, I see a reflection of our eternal love; together we will conquer all obstacles.

3. Your presence in my life completes me; without you, everything feels empty and meaningless.

4. Every moment spent with you is like a dream come true; your love makes my world colorful and vibrant.

5. You are not just my partner but also my best friend; I am grateful for your unconditional love.

Explaining Shayari:

Whether written or recited orally at gatherings or special occasions like weddings or festivals – shayaris have become an art form cherished by many Indians across different generations.

How to write shayari?

If you are talking about writing Shayari, first understand that the lines of Shayari should connect with each other. Use appropriate rhymes and meters. Pay special attention to the structure of verses. When writing Shayari on a particular topic, think deeply about that subject before penning it down. For example, I wrote a Shayari – “Even after confessing my mistake, I am still considered guilty.”

Shayari is an art form that has been cherished in India for centuries. It is a poetic expression that conveys emotions and thoughts in a concise yet impactful manner. The beauty of Shayari lies in its ability to touch hearts and evoke feelings through carefully crafted words.

To excel in the art of writing Shayari, one must grasp the essence of its structure and techniques. Each line should seamlessly flow into the next, creating a harmonious rhythm throughout the composition. This can be achieved by using appropriate rhyming patterns (known as Radif) and maintaining consistent meter (known as Kaafiya).

Furthermore, paying attention to Tukbandi or verse construction is crucial while composing Shayaris. A well-constructed verse not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also adds depth to its meaning.

In addition to understanding these technical aspects, choosing an engaging theme or subject matter plays a vital role in crafting compelling Shayaris. Before putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, take ample time to contemplate your chosen topic from various angles and perspectives.

By delving deep into your thoughts on the subject matter at hand, you will be able to infuse authenticity and originality into your compositions. Let your imagination run wild as you explore different emotions associated with your chosen theme.

For instance, consider this self-penned piece: “Despite seeking forgiveness,