Unveiling the Soul-Stirring Shayari of Rahat Indori

Rahat Indori Ki Shayari

राहत इंदौरी के 20 चुनिंदा शेर

– फकीरी पे तरस आता है अपने हाकिम की फकीरी पे तरस आता है

– बहुत हसीन है दुनिया आँख में पानी रखो होंटों पे चिंगारी रखो

– मैं बच भी जाता तो

– किसने दस्तक दी, दिल पे, ये कौन है

– अंदर का ज़हर चूम लिया अंदर का ज़हर चूम लिया धुल के आ गए

– मोड़ होता है जवानी का सँभलने के लिए

– एक चिंगारी नज़र आई थी

Shayari by Rahat Indori in Hindi

Whatever decision may be made, we should accept it wholeheartedly. Whether it is a battle or love, we must embrace it fully. Forgetting is necessary to remember what is important. If we want to stay close, then sometimes being a little distant is essential.

You are my beloved, you are my divine being. You embody loyalty and even when you express anger, it becomes an example for others. When you inflict pain, it turns into a remarkable lesson; when you show kindness, it becomes an extraordinary act.

If this support is not available, one may become troubled; difficulties might even take away their life if they become easy. Those few individuals who roam around like angels, if they were to hold my hand, then they would become human.

I am no longer present, nor are there any others like me in this world. Yet, my stories remain famous in cities. If life exists, new wounds will also be inflicted. I still have many old friends remaining.

People come into our lives as trust, they become dreams in our eyes. They first assure us that they are ours, then for some unknown reason, they change.

I am a deep silence, come and break me,

In my fortress, shatter me like a stone.

If you can scatter, then scatter like me,

As much as I gather you, add to me equally.

Spread smoke wherever you go, create a sensation wherever you step foot, politics has given you the right, turn green lands into red.

Who has knocked on the heart, who is inside and who is outside?

राहत इंदौरी शायरी हिंदी 4 लाइन

When a melody is touched, the stars start to shine brightly, and sparks of light begin to fly in the air. As soon as you listen, you feel like swimming in your eyes, while minarets of mosques offer prayers.

People are searching for me in strange places, where I am not present. Disheartened, I returned from the mirrors. But someone told me that I am quite beautiful.

Do you care about anyone? Can you trust your promises? If you can fulfill what you say in a moment, make it happen tomorrow. If you can promise for tomorrow, then make it last for a year.

Tell the flames, someone has prepared for flowers to bloom this time with sparks and fire. We have not taken coins thrown by kings, but we have asked for alms with humility.

The sharp carrots that were entwined by love turned dull in your hands, even these bangles have become loose. The poor flowers are left alone on the branch, while all the village butterflies have turned yellow.

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शहरों में तो बारुदों का मौसम है, गांव चलो अमरूदों का मौसम है, सूख चुके हैं सारे फूल फरिश्तों के, बागों में नमरूदों का मौसम है.

लू भी चलती थी तो बादे-शबा कहते थे, पांव फैलाये अंधेरो को दिया कहते थे, उनका अंजाम तुझे याद नही है शायद, और भी लोग थे जो खुद को खुदा कहते थे.

Rahat Indori shayari 2 line

When one forms a friendship with someone, they should also consider the opinions of their enemies.

Keep tears in your eyes, keep fire on your lips, if you want to stay alive, keep a lot of strategies.

New characters are coming and going, but the play remains old.

These two shores belong to the same river, my friends. Maintain a friendly bond with life and death.

It is essential to provide the medicine of death to a sick person, as I desire to consume it and be given.

Every day, he writes ghazals seeking solace in the support of stones, while every day someone ends up benefiting from their shattered glass.

Unknown desires, I cannot even suppress them within my heart. These stubborn birds are such that I cannot even make them fly away.

They are not leaves that break away from branches, we are someone who can withstand storms and remain in our place.

राहत इंदौरी मोटिवेशनल शायरी

Those leaves that break away from the branches are not mere leaves, they are a symbol of our resilience. Even if storms try to dictate our worth, we will remain steadfast in our true essence.

The path is more important than the destination, as it speaks volumes about the journey. Keep moving forward and let your voice guide you along the way.

Sometimes we soar like the fragrance of flowers, and other times we fly like smoke from mountains.

The limit of the journey is to leave some marks and keep moving until the sky exists.

Someone has written on the milestone that we are not the ones who pave the way.

As long as your hands are in mine, the sun, stars, and moon will stay by my side.

Shayari by Rahat Indori on Life

दिलों में आग, लबों पर गुलाब रखते हैं, सब अपने चहेरों पर, दोहरी नकाब रखते हैं, हमें चराग समझ कर भुझा ना पाओगे, हम अपने घर में कई आफ़ताब रखते हैं.

साँसे हैं हवा दी है, मोहब्बत है वफ़ा है, यह फैसला मुश्किल है कि हम किसके लिए हैं, गुस्ताख ना समझो तो मुझे इतना बता दो, अपनों पर सितम है तो करम किसके लिए हैं.

यही ईमान लिखते हैं, यही ईमान पढ़ते हैं, हमें कुछ और मत पढवाओ, हम कुरान पढ़ते हैं, यहीं के सारे मंजर हैं, यहीं के सारे मौसम हैं, वो अंधे हैं, जो इन आँखों में पाकिस्तान पढ़ते हैं.

I am not lessened by the companionship of my breaths, for I have a camaraderie with these sorrows. If I embrace happiness, it might break the hearts of my friends..

Someone should go and tell that love is like sparks from fire, this time the flower will bloom with great preparation. The weather has changed after a long time, as if we have been freed from an illness.

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By sacrificing everything in love, I have become a fool in the marketplace of hearts. I am like a river that has whirlpools in every drop, and you did well by finding your shore through me.

I contemplate bringing wax near the fire, with your permission, I could try touching it. The temple of my heart appears desolate; I think about placing your picture there and observing its impact.

The memories of you take me to a place where solitude resides, and it is from there that my life begins. I never imagined that I would desire you so deeply, but now you have become the destiny of my life.

Sometimes we soar like the fragrance of flowers, and other times we fly like smoke from mountains. Will the dust stop us from flying? No, because we fly with our wings of courage, not feathers.

The company of new winds disrupts, ruining the open roofs for pigeons. Those who commit crimes are not always so bad; not giving punishment spoils the court.

Rahat Indori Shayari on Love

सफ़र की हद है वहाँ तक की कुछ निशान रहे, चले चलो की जहाँ तक ये आसमान रहे, ये क्या उठाये कदम और आ गयी मंजिल, मज़ा तो तब है के पैरों में कुछ थकान रहे.

These two shores belong to the same river, my friends. Maintain a friendly bond with life and death.

The carrots that were entwined by love became sharp in your hands, and even these bangles have become loose.

Sometimes life passes by in a single moment, and sometimes a moment of life never passes by.

This world is not a place to venture into uncharted territories, my son. You can fall in love with someone, but crossing the limits is not acceptable.

The city is filled with sights where every view seems to be trapped, such intense heat that even yellow flowers have turned black.

Rahat Indori Shayari English Text

My possession may be just two yards, but oh death, you have made me a landlord.

On every flower, it is written not to pluck it. When the heart flutters, it says not to let go.

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Which is the best Urdu poetry?

Practical Advice/Example:

In order to maintain a healthy relationship, it is important for both partners to communicate openly and honestly with each other. Sharing thoughts, feelings, and concerns will help build trust and understanding between them.

For example, if one partner feels neglected or unappreciated in the relationship, they should express their emotions calmly instead of keeping it bottled up inside. By addressing these issues early on through effective communication, both partners can work towards finding solutions together and strengthening their bond.

Remember that every relationship requires effort from both sides; being open-minded and willing to compromise is essential for long-term happiness.

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Who is a famous poet in India?

Rahat Indori was a renowned Urdu poet and lyricist who gained immense popularity for his soul-stirring Shayari. Born on January 1, 1950, in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Rahat Indori captivated audiences with his powerful performances and impactful words. He had a distinct style of recitation that added depth to his poetry.

Apart from being an exceptional poet, Rahat Indori also made significant contributions to Bollywood as a lyricist. Some of the popular songs penned by him include “Chhod Aaye Hum Woh Galiyan” from the movie Maachis (1996), “Neend Churayi Meri” from Ishq (1997), “M Bole Toh” from Munnabhai MBBS (2003), among many others.

Who is the first poet of Urdu?

Rahat Indori was a renowned Urdu/Hindavi poet and lyricist. He is considered one of the pioneers in this field, following in the footsteps of famous Sufi poet Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya and music maestro Amir Khusro.

What is the language of poetry?

A Shayar, or poet, is someone who writes sher (couplets) or doha in Urdu poetry. They are known for their ability to express emotions and thoughts through the beautiful art of shayari. Rahat Indori was one such renowned shayar who excelled in writing Urdu poetry.

What is the difference between Shayari and Ghazal?

Shayari is a form of poetry that is popular in India. It consists of two or more lines, known as “Sher” when used in the composition of a Ghazal. Shayari itself provides complete meaning and does not require elaborate explanations. A Ghazal is a collection of 3-5-7 Sher, each having its own possible interpretations.

His popularity soared after he started reciting his Shayari at various public events and mushairas (poetry gatherings). The way he delivered his verses with passion, energy, and an unmistakable charm captivated listeners across generations.

1) Rahat Indori was a famous Indian poet known for his captivating Shayari.

2) His verses explored themes like love, heartbreak, social issues, and spirituality.

4) He gained immense popularity through live performances where he passionately recited his poems.

Why is Urdu called Rekhta?

Rekhta poetry flourished during the medieval era when Delhi served as a cultural hub for various linguistic influences. It provided a platform for poets to express their emotions and thoughts through verses that resonated with people from different backgrounds.

The significance of Rekhta lies not only in its linguistic amalgamation but also in its ability to capture diverse themes such as love, spirituality, social issues, and philosophical musings. These poems often reflected the socio-political climate of their time while maintaining an aesthetic appeal that transcended boundaries.

Today, Rahat Indori is one such renowned poet who has mastered the art of Rekhta Shayari. His powerful words have touched millions across India with their depth and emotional resonance. Through his verses filled with passion and introspection, he continues to keep alive this beautiful tradition that originated centuries ago.