Urdu Vocabulary for Poetry

Urdu Words For Shayari

Aahista- Gently. Aarazoo- Desire. Aks- Reflection. Alfaaz- Set of words. Aashna- Companion. Aaftaab- The Sun. Ashq- Tears. Afsaana- Tale. More items

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Understanding the Urdu Language

The Urdu language was shaped by the influence of Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. Its origins can be traced back to the 12th century and it belongs to the Indo-European and Indo-Iranian language families. The written form of Urdu gained prominence during the 18th century.

Pakistan and India both have a significant number of people who speak Urdu. Urdu and Hindi share many words derived from Sanskrit, making them similar in nature. For someone learning these languages, it is not uncommon for Urdu and Hindi to sound alike when spoken.

The two languages have the same phonology and vocabulary borrowed from the same languages. But when written, Urdu follows an Arabic script called Nastaliq, and Hindi follows Devanagari. These are Sanskrit words “deva” and “Nagari,” meaning Urban origin.

Urdu Vocabulary for Shayari

The Urdu language enables the expression of profound emotions and romantic sentiments in a captivating manner, enhancing the beauty of poems, poetry, and prose.

Take a glance at the following Urdu words and make an effort to grasp their significance. Get ready to be amazed!

– Interpretation of dreams: Taabir (taa-beer)

– Way of speaking: Lehja (leh-jah)

– Available: Moujud (mo-jood)

– Kindness: Mehrabani (meh-ra-ba-ni)

– Blessing: Rehmat (reh-mat)

– Peace: Sukoon / Araam (soo-koon / aa-raam)

– Curiosity: Justajoo (jus-ta-joo)

– Protector: Muhafiz (mu-ha-fiz)

– Waterfall : Chashma(chash-mah)

– Tradition : Riwayaat(ri-waa-yat)

– Different : Mukhtalif(mukh-taa-lif)

– Passion : Jazba(jaz-baa)

– Alluring : Dilkush(dil-kush )

– Miracle:Moujza(moj-zha )

– Closeness : Qurbat(qur-baat )

Delicateness:Nazakat(naza-kut )

Sun:Aftaab/Sooraj(aaftaab/ sooraj )

Intensity Shiddat(shid-dat ).

Urdu Vocabulary for Naming Children

As mentioned previously, Urdu is closely related to Hindi and is widely spoken in India, particularly among the Indian Muslim population. It is also recognized as an official language in India. Additionally, neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh have communities of Urdu speakers.

Here are some Urdu words that can be used in Shayari:

– Afeefah: This beautiful Urdu name means a virtuous woman.

– Aqib: It refers to someone who follows or comes after.

– Mehwish: This word represents a beautiful lady.

– Iffat: It signifies purity and cleanliness.

– Aqeel: It describes someone who is wise and intelligent.

– Haneen: This term means beloved, expressing deep affection towards someone.

– Gulbahar: Representing the season of spring, it symbolizes freshness and beauty.

– Rameen: It refers to a successful woman who achieves her goals with determination and hard work.

-Wardah : Meaning rose, this word captures the elegance and delicacy associated with this flower.

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Here are some Urdu words for Shayari along with their English meanings and pronunciations:

– Beautiful: Hasnain (pronounced as Hasnain)

– Compassionate: Ehsan (pronounced as Ehsan)

– Superior/Excellent: Faiq (pronounced as Faiq)

– A shining personality: Abdar (pronounced as Abdar)

– Freedom: Nuzhat (pronounced as Nuzhat)

– Intelligent: Haziq (pronounced as Haziq)

– Combatant: Waqas (pronounced as Waqas)

– Brave: Shahnawaz (pronounced as Shahnawaz)

– Fearless: Owais (pronounced as Owais)

-Surrounded by happiness : Khushtar(pronouced khushtar)

These beautiful Urdu names can add depth and emotion to your Shayari.

Urdu Vocabulary in a Song

In Urdu, there are two forms of poetry: Shayari and ghazal. Ghazal is a type of lyrical poem that typically explores themes of romance. It consists of multiple verses and follows a specific rhyme scheme, often accompanied by a musical rhythm. Ghazals usually comprise at least five couplets but can extend up to fifteen verses in total.

It has a refrain or repeated word at the end of both couplet lines. In each of the following couplets, it usually appears at the end. Here is an example:

Words possess a captivating power that poets harness to express longing, love, and emotions in tandem with melodious tunes. Take a moment to appreciate the following well-known Urdu words for shayari.

English Translation Urdu Titles English Pronunciation

What has happened to you, you fool? Dil-e nadan tujhe huwa kya hai (By Mirza Ghalib)

I remember crying secretly day and night Chupke Chupke raat din aansu baha na yaad hai (By Hasrat Mohani)

Beyond the stars, there are more worlds Sitaron se aagey jahan aur bhi hain (By Allama Iqbal)

I have heard that people are looking at him Suna hai log use akh bhar ke dekte hain (By Ahmad Faraz)

Both were lost in your love Donon jahaan teri mohabbat mein haar ke (By Faiz Ahmad Faiz)

Urdu Vocabulary for Conversations

Urdu words hold a special place in the Pakistani and Urdu-speaking culture, being used regularly to express thoughts and communicate. This language is known for its politeness, with respect and tranquility deeply rooted in its essence through religious beliefs. Familiarizing oneself with commonly used Urdu phrases can be beneficial when engaging in conversations or understanding ongoing discussions around you.

A guide to this from Ling may be beneficial. The article has over 200 words to look at, with the English meaning of the word and Urdu script. They are used daily and are a handy list to keep near you!

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Understanding the Distinction Between Sher and Shayari in India

Each Sher has its own meaning and story to tell. It captures the essence of an emotion or idea in just a few lines, making it like a complete poem by itself. Unlike longer poems that may need more details to convey their message, Shers are concise yet impactful.

Discover Urdu Vocabulary for Shayari with Ling

The essence of this soulful language cannot be understood without giving some time to learn it. The Urdu language learning journey can be beautiful with the right company. To make your experience a remarkable and fruitful one, choose Ling to help you learn Urdu. It is filled with free lessons, Urdu words, phrases, meanings, and pronunciations.

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The Urdu term for music

– Classical Music: کلاسیکی موسیقی (Classical Musiqi)

– Pop Music: پاپ موسیقی (Pop Musiqi)

– Dance Music: رقص موسیقی (Raqs Musiqi)

– Rock Music: راک موسیقی (Rock Musiqi)

Additionally, here are some phrases related to music:

– A beautiful piece of music: خوبصورت ٹکڑہِ موسيقى / نمُودار

(Khoobsurat tukra-e musiqi / Numudar)

What are the top two words that are considered beautiful?

1. Sequoia: A word with seven letters that contains the letter Q and all five vowels.

2. Euphoria: The state of experiencing intense excitement and happiness.

3. Pluviophile: A person who finds joy or comfort in rainy weather.

4. Clinomania: An excessive desire to stay in bed or a strong inclination towards laziness.

5. Idyllic: Describing a place, situation, or experience that is extremely peaceful, beautiful, and perfect in every way.

7. Solitude: The state of being alone or isolated from others; often associated with tranquility and self-reflection.

8. Supine: Referring to a position where one lies flat on their back.

Sequoia is an intriguing word consisting of seven letters which includes all five vowels along with the letter Q. Euphoria represents an overwhelming feeling of exhilaration and immense happiness that one may experience during certain moments in life. On the other hand, pluviophiles are individuals who derive pleasure and contentment from rainy weather conditions, finding solace amidst falling raindrops.

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Clinomania refers to an excessive inclination towards staying in bed for extended periods or having a persistent laziness that hinders productivity levels at times. When we describe something as idyllic, it signifies a serene environment filled with beauty where everything seems perfectly harmonious.

Lastly, “supine” describes a position where one lies flat on their back. This word can be used to depict physical posture or metaphorically represent a passive or submissive attitude towards situations.

Expressing admiration for her beauty in Urdu

In Urdu language and culture, there are various words that can be used for expressing admiration towards someone. Some commonly used words include:

1. Khubsurat – Beautiful

2. Haseen – Gorgeous

3. Dilnawaz – Charming

4. Shandaar – Stunning

5. Jameel/Rangeen – Lovely/colorful (used metaphorically)

Remember, it is not just about the words you use but also how you say them and your overall demeanor while giving compliments that matters most in making a positive impact on someone you have just met.

Expressing Love in Urdu Poetry

In Urdu, there are various words and phrases that can be used to express love. For instance, the phrase “Tum meri zindagi ki sab se khoobsurat raat ho” translates to “You are the most beautiful night of my life.” This expression signifies that the person holds immense value and beauty for the speaker.

Another common phrase used in expressing love is “Mere dil ki dhadkan, mere hone ka sabab ho,” which means “You are the heartbeat of my heart, you are the reason for my existence.” This line beautifully captures how deeply someone feels connected to their loved one.


1. Tum meri zindagi ki sab se khoobsurat raat ho – You are the most beautiful night of my life.

2. Mere dil ki dhadkan, mere hone ka sabab ho – You are the heartbeat of my heart; you are the reason for my existence.

3. Main tumse pyar karta/karti hoon – I love you (gender-dependent).

7.Tera chehra bahut suhana hai- Your face is very charming.

8. Tum meri zindagi ka maksad ho – You are the purpose of my life.

9. Teri muskurahat dil ko chu jati hai – Your smile touches my heart.

10. Tum mere liye sab kuch ho – You are everything to me.

These phrases can be used to express love and affection towards someone special in a poetic and romantic manner, adding an extra touch of beauty to your expressions of love.