Winning Over a Friend with Shayari

Dost Ko Manane Ki Shayari

Welcome back to OnlyShayri, my friends. “Friendship” is a word that fills us with hope and self-confidence as soon as we hear it.

We will convince our upset friends, rectify our mistakes, no matter how far we may go from them, we will call back those friends.

If we have a friend by our side, we can face even the biggest troubles with a smile. However, when that same friend gets upset with us, it breaks us completely.

We have come up with our new post, the Latest 101 Shayari to Convince an Angry Friend, addressing your very issue.

We have brought such heartfelt poetry that you can easily win over your upset friends by using it.

तुम खफा हो गए तो कोई ख़ुशी न रहेगी, तुम्हारे बिना चिरागों में रौशनी न रहेगी, क्या कहें क्या गुजरेगी दिल पर ऐ दोस्त, जिंदा तो रहेंगे लेकिन ज़िंदगी न रहेगी।

Today, I have made a promise to myself that I will apologize and seek forgiveness from you for causing you embarrassment. I will stay by your side at every turn, as unknowingly, I have caused you a lot of pain.

Memories of us will come often in life! Every joyous moment of our beautiful journey will pause. If you search for a better friend than us, your gaze will wander far and then return.

Before getting angry, let them know their mistake. Before making them cry, teach them to laugh. If you ever have to go far away from us, then first learn to live without taking a breath.

Someone is very sad because of your departure, if possible, come back somehow. Even though you may be angry, just take a look once, someone has fallen apart because you got upset and left.

दिल से तेरी याद को जुदा तो नहीं किया, रखा जो तुझे याद कुछ बुरा तो नहीं किया, हम से तू नाराज़ हैं किस लिये बता जरा, हमने कभी तुझे खफा तो नहीं किया।

When they are upset, we promise to make them happy. We intend to fulfill the bonds of friendship. If breaking their heart is necessary, we will do it without hesitation. Even without our hearts, we pledge to love them.

You will be reminded of me a lot in life! My memories will make you cry! How can you forget me, my friend? My memories will torment you every moment!

हो सकता है हमने आपको कभी रुला दिया, आपने तो दुनिया के कहने पे हमें भुला दिया, हम तो वैसे भी अकेले थे इस दुनिया में, क्या हुआ अगर आपने एहसास दिला दिया।

इस कदर मेरी दोस्ती का इम्तिहान मत लीजिए ! खफा हो क्यों ये तो बता दीजिए ! माफ कर दो अगर हो गई कोई गलती ! ऐसे रूठ करके हमे सजा मत जिजिए !!

हमसे गलती हो गई हो तो हमें सजा दो, दिल में इतनी नाराजगी क्यों है बता दो, मानते है देर हो गई तुम्हे याद करने में, लेकिन हम तुम्हे भूला देंगे ये ख्याल दिल से मिटा दो ।

भूलना चाहो भी तो याद हमारी आएगी, दिल की गहराई में हमारी तस्वीर बस जायेगी , ढूढने चलो हो हमसे बेहतर दोस्त , तलाश हमसे शुरू और हामी पे ख़तम हो जायेगी|

Friendship is a bond that continues to bring hearts together, even in the midst of distance. True friendship is not one where there are no disagreements, but rather one that constantly seeks to mend and appease friends.

In friendships, it is common to have misunderstandings and make amends. However, sometimes we struggle to express our true feelings to our friends in the right words, which can lead to the deterioration of our bond.

तेरी दोस्ती की आदत सी पड गई है हमें, अब तेरे बिना चलना गवारा नहीं हमें | शमसान में अकेला जलता मत जाना छोड़कर हमें, वर्ना रूह कहेगी रुक जा अभी तेरे यार का जलना बाकी है |

मेरी हर खता पर नाराज़ न होना, अपनी प्यारी सी मुस्कान कभी न खोना, सुकून मिलता है देखकर आपकी मुस्कराहट को, मुझे मौत भी आये तो भी मत रोना!

तुम जो हमसे खफा हो गए तो, तुम्हारे बिना ये दोस्ती अधूरी रहेगी, कैसे कहे कि क्या बीतेगी इस दिल पे, जिंदा तो रहेगे पर जिंदगी न रहेगी ।

A small mistake turned into a letter of apology, my loyalty became my punishment. He took my heart and played with it, our life was lost and his charm became the norm.

तुम खफा हो गए तो कोई ख़ुशी न रहेगी, तुम्हारे बिना चिरागों में रोशनी न रहेगी, क्या कहे क्या गुजरेगी इस दिल पर, जिंदा तो रहेंगे पर ज़िन्दगी न रहेगी

Today, my heart has become very sad because you suddenly became upset and left. If possible, come back to me, my friend. My heart shattered when you got angry and left.

याद नही करोगे तो हम याद कराएंगे, रूठ गए अगर तो हम तुम्हे मनाएंगे, ये दोस्ती का दामन छोड़ के कहा तक जाओगे, जहा भी जाओगे हम तेरे साथ चले आएंगे।

Friendship brings color when it is good. Friendship becomes deep and appeals to everyone. If friendship is naive, it breaks easily. But if friendship is like its own, it creates history.

If we get upset, who can we rely on to pacify us? Who will come to convince us? You may even feel a longing for someone, but where can you find the heart to be upset with them in the first place?

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The heart does not listen to anyone, it follows its own desires. It plays tricks and makes us cry in return.

Shayari to Convince a Upset Friend | उदास दोस्त को मनाने की शायरी

Welcome back to OnlyShayri, friends. In friendships, it is common to have misunderstandings and the need to make up with our loved ones. However, sometimes we struggle to find the right words, which only leads to further distance between us. To solve this problem for you all, we have brought a collection of Shayari that can help you mend your relationships with your estranged friends. With these heartfelt words, you will be able to win over your dear ones once again.

थक गए हम अपने दोस्त को समझाने में, नाकाम हो गई सारी कोशिशे उन्हे मनाने की, अब दोस्त हमारे बहुत नाजूक हो गए है, पता नही कहा से सीखी ये अदा रूठ जाने की।

क्या कहे कुछ कहा नहीं जाता, दर्द मीठा है पर रहा नही जाता , दोस्ती हो गई इश कदर आपसे, की बिना याद किये रहा नहीं जाता |

Learn to make excuses from my friend, learn to create distance from my friend, there can be reasons for getting upset, but learning to sulk for no reason is something my friend should learn.

हल्की सी चोट से शीशे नही टूटते, छोटी-छोटी बातो से दोस्त नही रूठते, दोस्तो की गलतियो को माफ कर दिया करो, छोटी सी गलती से सच्चे दोस्त नही बिछड़ते।

हमारे यार को रूठने की आदत है, हमे उसके साथ रहने की चाहत है, पता नही उसकी नाराजगी कब तक है, लेकिन हम तो उन्हें मनाने की आदत है।

This heart is crazy for friends, today once again I have to appease my friends, I have to share the feelings of my heart with them, but there is an excuse of lack of time on their lips.

The love of friends in life never diminishes, even when they are far apart. The distance between friendships never decreases. In love, a relationship can break due to a single mistake, but there is no sorrow caused by the mistakes of friends.

He was there in both happiness and sorrow, celebrating together with joy, expressing love in unspoken ways. We remember those times when you were around. Come back now.

No matter how much you get upset with us, we will come closer to you. We promised friendship and we will stand by it until our last breath.

Friendship is the name of a story that encompasses both joy and sorrow. It is the kingdom of eternal smiles. It is not just a momentary acquaintance, but a promise to stand by each other for a lifetime.

Whenever we leave your world, we will leave behind so much happiness and affection that whenever you remember this crazy friend, tears of laughter will flow from your smiling eyes.

Shayari to Convince an Upset Friend

Welcome back to OnlyShayri, dear friends. We have brought for you a collection of two-line shayaris to appease your upset friends. These shayaris can be used by you to pacify your estranged companions.

If you are upset, I am ready to make it up to you. Just tell me what it takes for you to forgive and forget, as I am willing to do anything to bring back happiness in our lives.

If you want to test the strength of friendship, just try being a little upset and see who comes to cheer you up.

Oh God, please reduce the thorns on my path and appease the one who spreads flowers on it.

After making so much effort to convince you, now please agree and understand that you are my beloved.

जब यारी हमारी सच्ची है, तो थोड़ा-सा रूठना भी अच्छा है.

Dost ko manane ki shayari image download

Hello Dosto OnlyShayri में हम आप सब का पुनः स्वागत करते है, दोस्तों हम आप के लिये लेकर आये है dost ko manane ki shayari image download जिसका उसे कर आप अपने रूठे हुए दोस्तों को मना सकते हैं|

The love of friends in life never diminishes, even when they are far away. The distance between friendships is never reduced. In love, a relationship can break due to one mistake, but there is no sorrow caused by the mistakes of friends.

Apologize for anything you may have heard or said, forgive if any promises were not fulfilled, and forgive if there were any good or bad things that happened between us.

लोग कहते हैं कि इतनी दोस्ती मत करो कि दोस्ती दिल पर सवार हो जाए। हम कहते हैं कि दोस्ती इतनी करो कि दुश्मनों को भी तुमसे प्यार हो जाए।।

गुस्से में हमने कुछ कह दिया तो माफ कर दीजिए, लेकिन इस कदर अपने दोस्त से रूठ के मत जाइये, चलो जो दोगे आप सजा हमे मंजूर है, बस सिर्फ एक बार हमें देखकर मुस्कुरा जाइये।

If I am unable to remember a particular day, please do not consider me selfish, my friends. There are numerous troubles in this young age.

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मैं भूला नहीं हूँ किसी को ऐ मेरे दोस्त, बस ज़माने ने उलझा दी है जिन्दगी दो वक़्त की रोटी कमाने में |

I have been blessed with a star, plucked from the sky. In the realm of loneliness, I have been given a spark. Even my destiny takes pride in me as God has bestowed such a precious friend upon me. But why is this beloved upset? Perhaps I made some mistake unknowingly.

We have never separated the memories of our friends from our hearts, and we have never done anything wrong by remembering them every moment. Today, our friends are upset with us, but we have never made any mistakes with our friends.

You smile to make me laugh, you cry to make me sad, then did you get upset my friend, for making me lose my life.

Friends become like heartbeats, they reside in the heart. Every moment is spent thinking about friends. Tears flow when friends are remembered. My dear friend, it hurts deeply when you get upset with us and leave our lives suddenly.

Oh friend, my world is sad because of your anger. Now please understand, what do I have without you?

Shayari to Convince a Friend | दोस्त को मनाने की शायरी

Welcome back to OnlyShayri, friends. We have brought something special for you – Shayari to appease your friends. With this, you can easily make up with your upset friends.

खुदा ना करें मेरा दोस्त मुझसे रूठ जाएँ, हम ऐसे दोस्त नहीं है जिनका रिश्ता गलतफहमी में टूट जाएँ।

The need for a song is felt in gatherings, the need for love is felt in every heart, life remains incomplete without a friend because the need for a friend arises at every moment.

Oh friend, ever since you became upset, the star of my destiny shattered. My pleas go unheard, even my Lord has turned away from me.

Friends become like heartbeats that resonate within the soul, spending every moment immersed in memories of friends. Tears flow when thoughts of friends arise, as their absence feels like a loss. The essence of life fades away when you are upset with us, my friend.

How to cheer up a sulking person with poetry?

– I wanted to create a picture like you from within me, all colors of yours came out.

– Even if we met, what did we gain? The same distances and separations, never did our steps move forward nor did your hesitation fade away.

– There is nothing in my heart now except for their love.

2. I wished to portray someone like you through my own self; all your qualities emerged from within me.

3. Even if we crossed paths, what was achieved? The same distances remained unchanged; neither did our footsteps advance nor did your doubts disappear.

4. Apart from their affection, there is nothing left in my heart.

Shayari to Convince a Friend in English

Welcome back to OnlyShayri, friends. We have brought for you Dost Ko Manane ki Shayari in English, which you can use to pacify your upset friends.

We will reconcile with our upset friends, correct our mistakes, no matter how far they may go away from us, we will bring those friends back.

We are exhausted from trying to make our friend understand, all our efforts to appease them have been in vain. Now, our friend has become very delicate, and we wonder where they learned this art of getting upset.

Remembering the times when friends used to stand by each other through thick and thin, celebrating together with joy, expressing love in unspoken ways – those were the cherished moments of friendship.

No matter how much you get upset with us, we will come closer to you. We made a promise of friendship and we will stand by it till our last breath.

Hamare yaar ko ruthne ki aadat hai, hume uske sath rahne ki chahat hai, pata nahi uski narazgi kab tak hai, lekin hume to unhe manane ki aadat hai.

My heart is crazy for my friends, today I have to convince them again. I want to express the feelings of my heart to my friends, but there seems to be no time on their lips.

Who is your best friend?

-एक सच्चा दोस्त वह होता है, जो आपकी तमाम कमज़ोरियां जानने के बावजूद कभी भी गुस्से में आकर उसे जताकर आपको शर्मिंदा न करे। -सच्चा दोस्त तब भी आपका दर्द समझ जाता है, जब आप दुनिया को यह दिखाने की कोशिश कर रहे होते हैं कि सबकुछ ठीकठाक है। -सच्चा दोस्त गलती करने पर फौरन सलाह देता है और आपके पीछे हमेशा आपका बचाव करता है।

Shayari to Win Over Boys | लड़कों को मनाने की शायरी

Welcome back to OnlyShayri, where we bring you Ladko Ko Manane Wali Shayari (Shayari to Convince Boys), which can be used to persuade your upset friends.

Someone is very sad because you left, if possible, come back somehow. Even though you may be angry, please take a look once; someone has fallen apart because of your anger and departure.

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It is possible that we made you cry at some point, and you forgot about us as the world told you to. We were already alone in this world anyway, so what does it matter if you made us feel valued?

Memories of us will come often in life! Every happiness of our dear journey will pause. If you search for a better friend than us, your gaze will go far and then return!!

It is not that the day does not dawn or the night does not occur. But everything feels incomplete when I cannot talk to you. Come back, my friend, without you, my life does not pass smoothly.

I can express, and you can listen, that is a good friendship. You can speak, and I can listen, that is an even better friendship. But if I say nothing and you understand, then that is true friendship.

People judge based on appearances, but we see through the heart. While others dream, we focus on reality. People see friends in the world, but for us, our friends are our world.

जाने किसकी मेरी खूबसूरत जिंदगी को नजर लग गई, जो लोग मुझसे पल-पल में बात_करते थे, आज मुझे देख कर ignor तक करते नहीं

Do you have any reason to be upset with me, that you steal glances from me? What is it that you keep hidden in your lips!

I have a genuine friendship with you, and I know how to nurture it. No matter how many times you get upset, I have the skill to make things right between us.

2 Line Shayari to Pacify an Upset Friend

Welcome back to OnlyShayri, where we bring you a collection of 2-line shayaris to help you appease your upset friends. These shayaris can be used to mend relationships with your estranged companions.

One should try this skill of life, even if it means losing the battle when it comes to winning over loved ones!

I forget all his mistakes when he innocently asks me if I am upset.

Today, the weather is quite unpredictable, but what can we do when our friend is a little upset.

नाराज हूँ मैं उससे उसने मनाया भी नहीं, वो लोगों से कहता फिरता है बेवफा हूँ मैं।

The person who was angry with me for a long time is now asking me about the reason behind my anger.

Just as I understand every bit of your anger, I wish you would also understand my mere helplessness.

मजबूर नहीं करेंगे तुम्हें बात करने के लिए, चाहत होती तो तुम्हे भी दिल करता बात करने का !

There seems to be a slight displeasure in my mind, but I am not upset with anyone.

सच्चे दोस्त हमें कभी गिरने नहीं देते न किसी के कदमो में न किसी के नजरों में|

माना की हम इकरार नहीं करते, मतलब ये नहीं कि हम आपसे प्यार नहीं करते|

हमे उम्मीद है की आपको हमारी ” Best 101 Naraz Dost Ko Manane Ki Shayari ” नाराज दोस्त को मनाने की शायरी पसंद आई होगी. हमे नीचे comment कर के अपनी प्रतिक्रिया जरूर दे.

How to Show Love to a Friend?

Keep control over your emotions and avoid becoming a puppet of your feelings. Instead, rely on the power of touch to seek help from friends. Sometimes, words may fail to convey our true emotions or resolve conflicts with our loved ones. In such situations, a gentle touch can speak volumes and bridge the gap between hearts.

P.S: Remember that actions often speak louder than words when it comes to expressing emotions. So next time you want to mend fences with your friend or make amends after an argument, consider using the language of touch instead of relying solely on verbal communication.

How to Make Someone Happy When They Get Upset?

1. Importance of Friendship: Highlight the significance of friendship and how it adds value to our lives.

2. Misunderstandings and Arguments: Discuss how misunderstandings or arguments can strain friendships.

3. Apologizing through Shayari: Explore the idea of using shayaris (poems) as a way to apologize and make amends with friends.

4. Expressing Emotions: Explain how shayaris can effectively convey emotions and help mend broken relationships.

5. Rebuilding Trust: Share tips on rebuilding trust after conflicts by using heartfelt shayaris.

6. Strengthening Bonds: Provide examples of uplifting shayaris that can strengthen bonds between friends.

7. Celebrating Friendship: Discuss different occasions where sharing special shayaris dedicated to friendship can be meaningful.

What should be done to appease someone?

If you want to appease your friend, admit your mistake and apologize for it, promising that you will not cause them any kind of pain again. Do things that make your friend happy, like taking them out for a meal or watching a movie together. Make them laugh with your words.

Here is the list:

1. Admit your mistake and ask for forgiveness.

2. Promise not to hurt them again.

3. Plan activities that they enjoy, such as going out for a meal or watching a movie.

4. Use humor to lighten the mood and make them laugh.

Remember, building and maintaining strong friendships requires effort and understanding from both sides.